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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gatsby:
MM, you may be a great game designer, but you are a harsh web-page designer.....


1)It takes FOREVER to flip through high graphic web-pages in sequence to search for what you need. (Please use labeled links to sub-topics!!)

2) The images for FFE are great and a true measure of your honor and support for your products - but please thumbnail the images and link to either ZIP files or single page images! I know I am rather backward with a simple modem link (at 56k), but getting the needed images would take hours! Really: hours!

3) Until then, can somebody ZIP those bad-boys up for the common net user or tell me where to contact someone who has already spent the day or so to get them all downloaded?

No offense intended, sir...



They're not much more fun with 256KBPS over cablemodem... at least not with the limited backbone bandwidth for my local area. (I seldom exceed 24KBPS D/L off the net; local BBS's I was getting 15-18KBPS over 56Kbits modem peak (mnp5, vbis .32).

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