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Library Data

Black Deth: A Heavy Punk Metal popular in the early part of the 12 century Imperia. Much of their melodies seem to be ripped from other more successful artists. They cultivate a loyal following of 30-40 years who are often habitual drug users and wear jet black jumpsuits as a way of projecting their loyalty to the band.

Various Religious authorities and certain governments have taken the extra ordinary step of banning the group from visiting their worlds. The Band usually responds with some massive publicity stunt or charitable cause that forces most governments to relent. There are rumours that the Band is merely a front for the Yakovlev Crime Syndicate who has been known to cooperate with certain Vargr pirate bands. Investigations are ongoing.

Ref: It is not so much as the groupies are chronic drug users as chemical analysis of the blood shows but the devices that the Band sells to play its music is somehow affecting the psycho-neural systems. The Band's links to Organized Crime syndicates beyond the Imperial border has been investigated numerous times and each time refuted.

OOC: All are welcome to contribute Library Data, just send a PM before posting for approval. The background is the Imperial-Zhodani frontier in the Foreven Sector. Before action will move more Coreward. Entries should reflect the era of CT although the time-line is currently set 1110. Ref notes are optional.
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