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Not sure I follow by what you mean figure out but here's the table I know (LBB6 mostly):


0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
R Ring (around a larger world)
S Worldlet - 800km d
1 Small World - 1,600km d
2 Small World - 3,200km d
3 Small World - 4,800km d
4 Small World - 6,400km d
5 Medium World - 8,000km d
6 Medium World - 9,600km d
7 Medium World - 11,200km d
8 Large World - 12,800km d
9 Large World - 14,400km d
A Large World - 16,000km d

SGG - 20-60,000km d
LGG - 60-120,000km d
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