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Good points, Lycanorukke. As you say, you need some idea of what's going on to make sure it's consistent, but a lot depends on who you're playing with.

A defined technology can help a techy ref keep layman players at bay, but if you're playing with a bunch of science undergrads who understand the physics as well as the the ref does you've made a rod for your own back, and you get some player explaining at nauseating length exacly why the weird idea they pulled out of their butt is allowed by the Higgs field equations...

I take the middle ground. I like to know that the technology is plausible (even to science students) and what it does on the large scale, but I leave explanations of exactly how it does it as vague as possible, leaving me with guidelines, but plenty of wiggle room.

I learned about overdefinition the hard way back in the eighties.
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