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Before the meeting, depending on how much time he has from arrival in Washington to the actual
scheduled meeting, James Laclede will attempt to accomplish the following preparatory tasks:

1) Find a good tailor and have a good quality suit made for him (or altered from stock, only if
there is not enough time for a custom suit). He is ten years behind on appropriate fashions, so
will ask and take the tailor's advice as to what is appropriate for a successful businessman to
wear - not the suit of a millionaire mogul or wealthy politician, but of a successful self-made
man of business. He will also buy a new shirt and shoes and socks to go with the suit.

2) Locate a globe of Mars that he can use in his presentation. I don't know how common these
would be; if possible, he will buy a cheap one so that he can dab it with green paint; if that is
not possible, he will go up as high as necessary within the heirarchy of his hosts1 to find one
that he can use, and will very carefully apply bits of green modeling clay that should be
removable so as to leave no mark on the borrowed globe (however, he will not mention this plan
when borrowing, following the maxim that in times of dire necessity it is better to ask
forgiveness later than permission before time).

3) Organize the notes that he has prepared during his journey from Mars to Earth, making a final
list of suggested trade items. When his list is complete, he will find a printing shop and
arrange for typesetting and printing of the list in quantity sufficient for 200% of the number he
is expecting to address (better too many than too few). He will arrange for delivery to his
hotel, stressing (and if necessary, paying extra to assure) the need to have them before the
scheduled meeting.

4) Visit a few shops near his hotel, picking up a few sacks of raisins, dates, prunes, dried
apricots, lemon drops, hard candy, stick candy, and Luden's cough drops.

FN 1: If necessary, he will go to the Smithsonian
Institution for the globe of Mars; they are sure to have something that will suffice.
He has various trinkets from Mars with him that can probably influence someone
in the Martian Studies department to loan him the globe.

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