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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
Whatever you want to have happen...

ok, in classic patron encounter format:

1 - nothing, the jump field remains intact protecting you from jump space, but you can't stop staring...
2 - the jump field reconfigures to maintain integrity with the nearest bulkhead, but you now have jump space only a few metres away and it's inside your ship
3 - whatever is in the airlock (hopefully the idiot that opened it in the first place) is grabbed by a jump kraken tentacle and is pulled into the jump dimension
4 - you immediately precipitate into an alternative universe, looking in the mirror you now have a rather distinguished beard
5 - your ship is slowly turned inside out, reflected in a higher dimension and put back, but now your heart in on your right...
6 - ship explodes, generate new characters
All most excellent possibilities.

Also throw in which version of Traveller: T5 at least has 3 different types of jump mechanics:
  1. Jump Grid - built into the hull, so I imagine jump space is right there....
  2. Jump Plates - not as precise and there is probably a bit of space between you and jump space depending on the physical layout
  3. jump bubble - again depending on where the air lock is located, lots of space

Although just finished a book that had basically jump dragons in it (and otters, but I am leaning towards the otters were young jump dragons...) The dragons were from a different dimension, the jump space basically, but were inquisitive and apparently friendly if you could see them. Only some navigators could see them, and those were the ones that could basically jump without jump gates. Hmm...I can see this having some impact on navigation for Traveller, other than plotting the course and hitting a button with not much else to do job-wise.
Mostly lurking about...CT is still my favorite with T5 as a neat tool box to plunder.

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