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Default MT combat: Armor confusion

I'm trying to figure out the combat system and the rather vague definitions of the coverage of various armor types leaves me confounded. Particularly two instances:

A) When the penettration is below AV you inflict 10% damage if the target has "exposed areas of less than the full armor value" (player' manual p.70)

Browsing the armors in the Imperial Encyclopedia only the flak jacket specifically calls out that it covers the groin and torso. Most of the other armors are can be a jacket or a body suit. So is there a price difference between the jacket and body suit. And does the body suit model cover the whole body except the head or what? English being my second language, I've got no clue as to the implications of a body suit.
I guess the vacc suit and battle dress counts as a full covering armor with no exposed areas regarding the ability to ignore the 10% damage if pen < AV.

B) The cover rules (p.71 players manual) also states that if you expose body parts "lightly armored, with little or no armor" your AV will suffer. So is this primarily gloveless hands and characters with out helmets and would a body suit version also cover the hands?

It goes back to the definition of what is included in the various armor definitions of a jacket/body suit. A jacket would have no leg armor (are gloves included?), but what about the body suit, does it for instance cover the hands.

I've tried to look up the armor definitions in LBB, TNE and their ilk. But the descriptions are the same general description in each product
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