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Originally Posted by Whipsnade View Post
Seeing as it's my idea, here's how I see it working:

We copy Star Trek's twin-Wiki model. They use Alpha and Beta and we'll use OTU and MTU. So what's it either category?
Someone has a major misconception idea of how the ST Wikis work....

The wikis both are restricted to canon. BOTH. Both delete anything non-canon. Or, at least, as of several years ago (when I signed up on Memory Beta), it specified only canonical materials were allowed - just a wider range of canon materials than Alpha, which only includes the on-screen stuff.

Memory Alpha restricts to the TV shows and movies.
Memory Beta restricts to all the "extended universe" - only those items licensed by CBS/Paramount/Viacom/Desilu (depending upon era) are supposed to be included.
The fanon stuff isn't supposed to be entered in either. ADB's SFU is explicitly excluded, too.

That would be, for Traveller, restricting Alpha to GDW, IG, and FFE materials
Beta would include only materials licensed by FFE or GDW - including GT, MGT, T20, all the stuff on the apochrypha disks.
Gamma would be for all the unlicensed stuff, including Dragon articles, campaigns, etc.

The model Memory Alpha and Memory Beta Use SUCKS!!!
It results frequently in needing to search two wikis to find what you're looking for, much duplication, and a lot of frustration. The only real use is for determining what is CBS canon and what's Licensee stuff.

Hell, it's often better to google search than to seach either MA or MB... because that way, you get both in the results, as well as a lot of the 3rd party sources.

THe dual pages mode is far better. A perfect example of this is - Known as Wookiepedia. The canon pages are one tab on each subject, the non-canon on a second tab, and talk on a third.

Traveller could use that model - with a "OTU" - "LTU" - "3rd Party" - "Fan Contributions" and "Talk" tab.
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