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As is the problem with most of the RICE Archives, where they get their base information is questionable, and they assume the TNE setting (I won't question the merits of that in this forum, but if you see me at the starport bar and want to start a brawl...)

Anyway, here's the official scoop on Efate:

Efate (1705): Before the Fifth Frontier War, Efate was the site of Zhodani-supported bitter anti-Imperial guerrilla activities. The planetary government was very conservative, with government positions passing to the hereditary heirs of the various noble houses of Efate.
In the aftermath of the Fifth Frontier War, the turbulent world of Efate has been returned to the Imperium’s fold, and the Ine Givar terrorists at last suppressed, save for a few sporadic skirmishes in the wilderness. Efate’s war-ravaged cities, however, know peace for the first time in years.
As the war wound down, Efate was placed under military government, with martial law to remain in effect until the last of the Ine Givar can be put down finally. The new military government, though much more restrictive than the previous government (law level temporarily raised to 6) is still fairly moderate, and the newly appointed governor, Commodore Jamie haut-Kunara, is a figure of considerable charisma and local popularity. Under his administration, liaison between the military government and the populace has remained excellent.
In 1101, Baron Urnst von Alksburg assumed his father’s position as leader of one of the ruling families, and in the years since has proven his loyalty to both the Imperium and Efate, and Archduke Norris. His orthodox views concerning the duties of government have won him the respect of his people, and he is very active in subsector affairs.
The Imperial Scout Service administers an Ancient site on Efate, discovered in 354, long since stripped of any useful items and now administered as a historic site. Restorations of the site show a gridwork of thousands of walls spaced about 2m apart and punctuated by extremely massive bulwarks at random intervals.

From: The Traveller Book p. 153; Adventure 12 p. 37; JTAS #23 p. 12; Challenge #50 p. 15, 17.

Hopefully that gives you some help. Note there's slight contradictions between this and the Behind the Claw reference...
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