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Default RT-200 Merchant/Courier

This was a ship I designed way back in the early 80's when I first acquired Star Frontiers from TSR. The follow up Knight Hawks set that dealt with ship rules was not even a pipe dream at the time so I sourced Supplement-7 to whip up some house rules for ships. Naturally, when I acquired Traveller rules some 34 years later I ported it back over to the rules I borrowed from. It's one part Scout/Courier and one part Millennium Falcon.

200 tons displacement with PP-4, MD-4, JD-2 and 48 tons of fuel. The ship sports a 36 ton main hold along with a 6 to auxiliary hold/common area, dorsal & ventral dual beam laser turrets, and a model 2/bis computer. An anti-personnel turret is adjacent to the boarding ramp when cover fire is needed for a quick escape.

Old school MS Paint for rendering to go along with the old school games from which it stems.

Exterior View

Deck Plans (also hosted in the gallery here)
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