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Default Help expanding Sunburst & Lancer lager

I was looking at expanding two articles on the Wiki based on posts by Alan Hume on the TML, but i would like to see what he originally posted, I've tried searching the current version of the TML (Which has archives between 2014 - 2017) but the posts did not appear in that version. I have downloaded the version of the archives that covers 1987 - 2002, but it is going to take a long time to search those files. I am also worried that the posts in question may lie in the time between 2002 - 2014 where I have no idea where the archive is located.

So if anyone can help in finding the archives for that period I would be very happy.

The articles I plan to expand are below:

Sunburst lager (4%)

Lancer lager (6%)
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