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Default Disability - permanent characteristic reduction?

Esu, 6788B9, is at the end of his first term in the Navy - flight branch - and gets supremely bad luck on a Siege. His Controlling Characteristic on R+R is Int. He's wounded, and the branch mod is 2, and the Siege mod is 0, so Int is reduced by (2+Flux). Flux is -4, though, so he's reduced from 8 Int to 2, which is barely functional.

He is mustered out of the service, gets double benefits and all that. Fine.

According to p.65 of the new C+C book, this characteristic reduction is permanent. Hence the term 'disabled'.

The thing is, this is the only place such an idea is mentioned. As far as I can see, wounds are all treatable, and you recover from them within Severity squared days, period. At least with medical attention. But I haven't seen anything in the rules about injuries so severe you cannot fully recover.

My assumption is, this person has been grievously wounded and medical intervention was too little or too late, so recovery was imperfect. Possibly 3 or 4 stats went to zero, and one of them couldn't recover. But there's no mechanic for this in the combat or Medic rules that I see, so it's not completely clear. As far as I can see, the only time you can get a permanent characteristic reduction like this is in CharGen risk failures or by aging.

Anyone have thoughts on this? References in T5 I've missed? Better explained mechanics in previous versions? (Before T5 I only knew CT, and had a slight familiarity with MT). If there were a mechanic for this outside CharGen it would be a lot clearer. And make for more interesting, high-stakes combat injuries.

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