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Thanks to Far Trader for doing some of the legwork...there are a few more surprises than what is naturally revealled here.

Pride of Naasirka

TL-15 - J6, M4, P6

Meson Screen F9; Armor F15; 20 Heavy Fighters Screen

Spinal Meson FT; 3,000tons misc weapons and defenses with 1,000EP available

Fuel for 8 weeks of operation and up to 8 parsecs of jump.

100 ship hangers of 130tons and larger, total 50,000tons, full launch capability is 1 ship per hanger per turn.

Crew breakdown:

Command: 50 sophonts, 450 ai
Engineering: 240 sophonts, 2160 limited ai
Gunnery/Defense: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Flight Control: 10 sophonts, 90 limited ai
Ship Security: 100 sophonts, 900 limited ai
Ship Services: 200 sophonts, 1800 limited ai
Special Auxiliary: 10 superior ai

Sophont Crew staterooms x610+ (includes 305tons of baggage allowance, and 60tons of extra appointments for the officers)

AI Crew closets x5500 (1/2ton each)

Passenger quarters x16,000 luxury staterooms (calculated as 4x volume)

Cargo capacity of 36,000tons (includes 16,000tons of passenger baggage allowance)

So why so much firepower and such on a "liner" you ask? Well, just try filling 16,000 staterooms and 20,000tons of freight on a weekly basis I had to do something with all that volume and more passengers and/or cargo didn't seem feasible to me.

I see the ship hangers being used by travellers to park their yachts (and possibly traders) while they enjoy a vacation. In fact making some of the cargo or other volume the equivalent of a starport for maintenance just hit me. That way annual maintenance can be done for the passenger while they get a vacation.

The ship also has just over 90 "stores" mainly boutiques but some stores usefully for Travellers which may sell things like Holocameras and other assorted items for planetside adventures.

The liner has an effective Law Level banishing everything but small personal weapons. And, even those, it is considered poor taste to display them openly. However, Far Point has a highly restrictive Law Level.
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