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Default Resurrecting old player: Cirocco Jones

I recreated my favorite character from High Guard. Hope this passes muster.

Cirocco (Rocky) Jones: 6a8afd age 34, attractive, 5'10" athletic build, blue eyes, auburn hair (worn in braid or ponytail)
Naval Lt Cmdr Flight qualified.
Skills: Nav-3, Commo-2, Pilot-3, Grav-0, Comp-1, Leader-2, Vacc-1, Admin-2, ShipTact-3, Gun(laser carbine)-2

Background: Born on a high tech, high population world with a class B starport, Rocky's eye was always on the stars. Her family status was secure without being ostentatous. She has relations in the Navy and that should help her along the way. Having hung around the starport facilities, gaining skills in Navigation, Communications, Computer and spending some time handling the local trade shuttle as an intern (gaining pilot and grav skills), she also became somewhat of a leader in the final year of school.

Pre-enlistment: Enrolled in Naval Accademy and graduated with Honors. Received +3 education, Vacc and Navigation skills. Commisioned as Ensign. Followed up with Flight school and exceeded expectations, receiving additional Pilot and Navigation skills.

Basic/Adv training: With her previous skills in Commo, she gains additional training in coordinating and organizing (Commo and Admin). This comes in handy later as she builds proficiency in Ships Tactics. She also gains additional Navigation skill handling larger ships.

Remaining tour: With family background assistance, she is given the opportunity to serve as an Attache to the local base commander. This boosts her Social and she gains advancement to Lt JG.

During her last year in this term, she serves on a support Flight wing, acting as Flight Leader during a Strike against a small insurgent task force. She gains Ship Tactics and during one particular engagement, suffers minor wounds resulting in a Purple Heart and MCUF.

Second Tour: As she raises rapidly in the ranks, she is recognized as an up and coming combat pilot and tactician. She is awarded a slot in the Command College where she receives additional Ships Tactics, Leadership and Admin skills.

On her second year, she again is assigned to a light cruiser during a strike raid, and placed in command of the secondary bridge. During one of the more hazardous raids, her bridge suffers extensive damage. At extreme hazard to her own life, she manages to rescue her fellow crew by pulling them to safety and securing the air-tight doors just moments before decompression empties the damaged bridge. She is awarded the SEH for her heroism, and promoted to LT. She gains levels in Ship Tactics and Pilot.

Her third year is spent on a quiet patrol recouperating. But even so, there is action when her frigate intercepts a raider and has to trade gunnery with it. She receives a minor wound and is awarded an MCUF as well as skill in gun combat (laser carbine) when she is called on to repel boarders.

Then it's back on the front line with another strike mission. This one gains her an additional MCUF although there are no further promotions or skills as she considers her options for reenlistment.

Third Tour: As Rocky turns 30, she starts to look more at her personal life. She has spent all her energy in the Navy and although it has been a good career, she is becoming battle weary. She opts for one more tour in hopes of gaining that next rank and perhaps that final Bridge Command that makes it all worth while. She is not disappointed. During a patrol in the first year, she is given command of her own frigate. Her patrol comes across a pair of enemy lt cruisers and she manages to damage both before suffering injuries when her ship is crippled. She is awarded an MCG and her Lt CMDR promotion. She also gains more leadership skills.

Second year, it's back into a seige where once again she is called on to repel boarders and receives additional skill in her weapon as well as her final MCUF.

Third year, again she is commanding a frigate during patrol. But this is a quiet time and she hones her pilot skills even more.

Fourth year, she is called on to seige under command of her frigate. Although she is in action, there are no awards or promotions coming her way. She feels she is at the end of her career finally.

Mustering out:
Rocky musters out gaining an additional boost to INT, as well as membership in Travellers' Aide and a Hi Passage ticket. She has 26kcr in her account and is out shopping for new wardrobe to replace all those ship uniforms that she feels have been painted on her for the past 12 years.

Always a vaccsuit at hand.
Lead by example and others will follow.
Fly by the seat of your pants.

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