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You all know I really, really, like 1248, but I don't mind removing bits and pieces of it as long as we progress the OTU to 1902. And make it a good story.
So understand my comments on making the transition better are in the spirit of Marc's philosophy of keeping as much canon as possible, in this case 1248.
Unless Marc say some is not anymore.

ALL of 1248 was canon (yea I hear you all grumbling ). But then the speed and deadliness of the Empress Wave were changed in MgT. I looked at what can be kept and what has to go. IMHO .
Some things became apparent to me.
1.The Wave and 1248 cannot both be completely right.
2.The Wave trumps TNE and 1248 if there is a conflict.
3.Many 1248 events occur LONG BEFORE the Wave would come to cause a conflict.
4.With the exception of Avery's expedition coreward to determine the nature of the Wave and a few sentences about the Vargr, all history prior to 1202 can happen as the Wave does not interfere or impact the event from occurring.
5.Going forward from 1202 events should be examined based on location and year. If invalidated the dependent events down the line should be as well
6.The remainder should still be canon. Unless Marc says its not. rinse and repeat as necessary.

The above is important as 1248 writes quite a bit about events between 1130 and 1202. Some of these may impact things even 700 years later. Like the K'kree and the Gods of Thunder. The Solomani if the find out what the Hivers did to them (think we hate the Baggins, Forever). Many of these "permanent" things occur in the 1100s.

1202 is the first critical year as that is the year the Wave hits the Marches. Unless something saves the Marches or interferes with the Wave, TNE Keepers of the Flame is toast. The Star Vikings live in blithe ignorance and even by 1248 won't get hit for a few decades. Except when they meet the Keepers Their TNE history won't change a bit due to distance from the Wave and relative isolation.
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