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Default Nebandi Ru ideas

I've been interested in stating out the Nebandi Ru 400t freighter as seen here. I just love the artwork. It's from the Distant Places Blog.

So far I've decided it's 1G, Jump-2, TL 13 at most, has 8 staterooms in the bow, and can handle six 30t cargo pods attached port and starboard to the main spine. So, some questions for the community. With attachable cargo pods, could this ship land on a planet? If so, what configuration would you choose? Should I add a launch, probably in a ventricle sling? Would you put crew cabins in the rear next to the engines? I'm thinking three turrets: one triple sandcaster each port/starboard on the engineering structure, and one ventricle single pulse laser under the flying bridge.

Your thoughts?

Just My Thoughts
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