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First simplification: Reduce the number of animal types to 3; Herbivore, Omnivore, and Carnivore, with Scavenger a subset of Carnivore. There are not that many pure scavengers in the Terra environment, and most carnivores are more than happy to scavenge a meal when one is available. There was just something on the Internet about a tourist ship in the Arctic siting literally hundreds of polar bears feeding on the carcass of a dead whale beached on Wrangel Island. A grizzly is more than willing to feast on a winter-killed moose, while the afterbirth of wildebeest forms a part of the diet of most Serengeti carnivores. The hyena, generally viewed as the epitome of scavenging, actually kills quite a bit of its food. I decided that insectivores would be included under herbivores, as for the most part, the eater is quite a bit larger than the insect. So, giant anteaters will be considered herbivores, that pack quite a wicked punch if you are foolish enough to get it upset.

Second Simplification: I plan on dropping the Animals skills table, along with worrying about dexterity and endurance. Those characteristics can be given in the animal description, and not based on weight.

First Complication: In addition to Amphibian (which ranges from alligator to penguin to polar bear), Flyer, Swimmer (this would include manatees, sea turtles, and jellyfish), and Walker, I will be adding Arboreal (many of the animals of especially the Rainforest are highly Arboreal) and Triphibian (thinking of ducks and geese here, especially the diving birds like cormorant and loon). However, Arboreal would mainly be in forested areas, while triphbians will require a water source, so they would not be on every table.

More to follow.
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