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RAW, Cepheus uses Dexterity to reflect hits as well as implied agility/manual dexterity/etc.
As such, I don't like the animal chart as much, so...

I use Alien Traits in my animals which is similar to D20 Special Ablitities. I convert back and forth creatures. I created Alien Traits related to size besides Tiny, Small, (no trait), Large and Huge to provide additional size penalties. So like the d20 names, I have Gargantuan, Colossal and Starship ( aka Epic Level Handbook Colossal+) to give +2, +3 and +4 to hit such animals.

This gives me a bit more wiggle room for Dexterity. Astro the space whale and the Rancor may be deserving a low Dex, being less agile or slow, but Ricky the Gargantuan 10-headed space hydra might be more deserving of a "norrmal level" Dexterity.
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