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I don't think you can over-prepare, unless you go down a rabbit hole of stuff that is not really germane to the adventure at hand (like maybe the far outer planets in your Jigsaw system for example - unlikely there's a need for extra detail out there since the world Jigsaw is the focus). But your players may never (and most likely won't) follow the route they're supposed to.

Justin Alexander over at The Alexandrian blog has some excellent articles on GM'ing, prep, etc etc.

One of his main ideas is "Don't prep plots, prep scenarios" which I believe is what Shawn is referring to above. Even though you have two pre-written modules you're combining into a single adventure, rather than detailing every single encounter and preparing for Scene 1,2,3,etc, make notes that focus on the main events or most exciting scenes and think of alternate ways to link them together or provide clues or pushes/pulls to move the party from one to another. And they needn't necessarily be chronological. Traveller's old EPIC adventure system used this idea - linked "scenes," which could be played pretty much in any order.

Also you could save yourself some time using tags/traits rather than full write-ups for some characters and locations. Like "Lava Plain: Magma Geyser every 1D hrs; Fissure every 3D hrs; no animal encounters; no protection from solar flares" rather than spending several hours mapping out the entire plain and building encounter tables for it. Sometimes a basic description is enough to allow you to run an encounter.

But ultimately coliver998 is right - if you like detailed prep go ahead and do it. If it doesn't get used for this adventure you can recycle it for the next one. And I wouldn't sweat being a smooth-running machine at the table, especially since it's been a while. Just be organized, know your adventure well... and be prepared for your players to do everything you didn't expect

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