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Question How prepared do you have to be as a referee?

I use TRAVELLER frequently as an aid to creativity, but it has been years since i have actually been a referee. From an adventure seed found online, I have created a world best described as 'Mercury on steroids' and will be using Across the Bright Face and Mission on Mithril bashed together. My friend does not know it yet, but he will be writing the dialogue and action scenes for the story i am writing about his 'stunt double.'

Now, for some reason, I have never been completely comfortable with just fudging a task roll. DMs don't bother me, but I like having a basic target number in mind. With that in mind, I want to set up things for my one on one session so things are easy on the player, and easy on me as well.

Ideally, all your players should be doing is talking, throwing dice and keeping track of expended ammunition. Also ideally, the referee should be keeping track of the 'big picture,' setting up the next encounter and doing his best to be the man behind the curtain.

So, I am writing a lot of the dialogue now, which is giving me clues as how to simulate things on 'Jigsaw,' a planet the size of Mercury with gravity of a world twice its size. I want to set things up so all I have to do is describe a situation, throw my own dice when necessary, and check off time remaining to the next solar flare. [Things get interesting for our heroes then.]

Am i losing the objective of this entire exercise, that is supposed to be fun, by over preparing?
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