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Thank you for your post.

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
The ones I've met? Yep.
I've seen three trends in the people I've seen talking about it online. Most seem to be either (A) using one of the few MGT sectors, or (B) generating a subsector or two, essentially "on a random border", but linking to what they see of canon in their MGT books, or (C) going whole hog old school, and ignoring canon altogether. A very small fraction are (D) Using T5 without other canon references, except maybe Travellermap.

(C) is the most vocal, but they also tend to be playing Original D&D (little brown or white books), Tunnels and Trolls, Far Trek or Where No Man Has Gone Before (a pair of OSR type games released under Paramount's old Fan Use permissions), &/or Starships & Spacemen (either edition).

(B) seems, from plays reported on RPGG, various Facebook and G+ boards, and AP threads on 4chan, 7chan, and The RPG Site, to be the most common, and usually using MGT rules.

(A) tends to be a little more odd - a lot of "I sold all my books, and saw the new edition, and dived in." Some, however, are new to the game, and want to use the setting because it saves them work.

From what I've seen, few would match up with what's in Agent, but those that would are usually buying older editions on CD, and making leaps.

A few newbs have started with T5. I recall one guy got T5 hoping for it to be his first RPG to run... he'd been a player a few times in D&D, I think... He did manage to grasp much of it. (More than me, actually. T5 makes my head spin at times.)

I'm not seeing many who are doing ATUs who aren't grogs, but there are a couple. I've never seen an AP for MGT Judge Dredd Traveller edition. (For my own part, I've managed to generate a few characters. The skill levels are insanely high. Insanely.)
We're working on generating a first productive release of T5 products.

Don's Timeline has been massively worked upon and I hope to see it released in the near future as well. I'm currently checking its citations, a multi-month piece of work, covering several thousand entries. His family has cleared it for release when it's ready. RIP, Don.

I appreciate your hard work with the computer support end and at CotI.

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