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Thanks, Khan!

Originally Posted by Khan Trav View Post
I have been playing CT since around 1979 and I love it. I have been running a pbem game for years. I recently began trying to place information on the wiki and find I am not alone there. I am not as adept at organizing new entries and I am concerned I may do more harm than good.
I like your entries. The wiki is specifically cleared for fan-created entries regardless of canon by permission of Marc Miller of FFE. We correct the ones that try to overlay the OTU (canon Trav universe), but otherwise live and let live.

Marc, in his wisdom, sees the wiki as a resource for fans. It just happens to be useful to future authors as well, among others...

Originally Posted by Khan Trav View Post
I would like to learn more about how to format pages and entries. I also try to keep most of my entries if not technically canon at least fitting within the Traveller universe.
Thomas gave you great advice. You can contact me anytime as well.

Originally Posted by Khan Trav View Post
I get a lot of good feedback from Maksim-Smelchak and I think he should be commended for his excellent work.
Thanks, but it's a team effort and I couldn't do my part without the amazing support of Thomas, Adie Stewart, Ssteve, Wayne Whurlogan (sp?), and so many others. We sometimes disagree about matters, but in the end we're all contributing to a community effort. Thomas especially deserves praise for his many years of hard work and good leadership at the wiki.

Really appreciate the praise. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Khan Trav View Post
I try to keep my entries within what I think of as milspec for Traveller. I would make an entry describing a plant or animal for a particular world but I would not describe starships travelling J-10 or a telephone which could call a person or send a message in a way which would break the rules of FTL communication.
With so many different editions and settings, it's hard to create stock templates, but we've been working on developing them the past few years. I takes time to create them and then fine tune them to the subject matter.

I appreciate your positive communication. Thanks.

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