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Default Animal Characteristics

How hard and fast in the animal creation chart to be taken? I am working on a bestiary using Terran animals of various types; birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, were I have copyright-free illustrations to accompany the animal.

The problem is using a single die roll to dictate not just size and strength, which somewhat correlate, but also dexterity and endurance. A Size 1 Gray Squirrel will have less dexterity than a Size 4 Porcupine or Koala, and considerably less than a Size 8 Galapagos Tortoise. A Size 5 Wolverine and a Size 5 Penguin have the same dexterity. Then you have the trunk of the elephant, which can pick up a single peanut, but also become a devastating weapon of attack. A Hippos preferred method of attack is it bite, but if attacking a boat in the water, it will come under the boat and overturn it with its sheer mass, then proceed to bite the boat and its former occupants.

The Damage by Strength table for animals goes up to Strength 91+ for 10D6 damage, but the Strength of a Size 20+ 40 Metric Ton creature maxes out at 54 (9D6). Now, I do have very hard data on both Sperm and Finback Whales, somewhere around 30 to 45 tons, sinking ships of up to 60 meters or so by ramming, with the ships sinking very quickly. Sperm Whales also have a variety of attack manners, depending on the target, from ramming to biting to smashing with their flukes to literally jumping on the target.
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