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Originally Posted by Khan Trav View Post
I have been playing CT since around 1979 and I love it. I have been running a pbem game for years. I recently began trying to place information on the wiki and find I am not alone there. I am not as adept at organizing new entries and I am concerned I may do more harm than good.
Welcome to the Traveller Wiki. The brilliance of a wiki is you shouldn't worry about doing harm.

I would like to learn more about how to format pages and entries. I also try to keep most of my entries if not technically canon at least fitting within the Traveller universe. I get a lot of good feedback from Maksim-Smelchak and I think he should be commended for his excellent work.
I would suggest starting with the Manual of Style. There are several linked pages which give a suggested outline for the various types of articles. And if you have specific questions, I or Maksim will be more than happy to help and provide direction.
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