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If pushed, I will comb my emails for the references. Barring that, my faulty memory thinks this:

(1) Don McKinney wanted the Primordials scrubbed clean from canon. I believe it was therefore his idea that Deyis II be the world that is scrubbed in AOTI. Marc agreed.

[edit: actually it's not that straightforward. Apparently scrubbing Deyis was indeed Marc's idea, and carried out by Andrea Vallance in some writings, but also heartily approved of by Don.]

(2) I want the Primordials partly in, approximately but not exactly to the degree that Knightfall uses them. Don and Marc both dislike the term; since I don't care what we call them, I'm fine with that. Also, mentioning the word "Primordials" around Don would cause him to react strongly negatively. So again change the name but keep them as a long-extinct race.

(3) Joe's vision for the Primordials (as Baddies from the Core) therefore doesn't exist.

(4) ? There might be a (4). Don't know.

Originally Posted by June 26, 2014, Don McKinney
Marc told me a long time ago that the primordials never happened. The sophonts in the MT Referee's Kit are there, but the primordials never happened, and they don't turn into primordials.
Originally Posted by Aug 2016, Marc Miller
The Precursors. Strange pocket universes. (?) -3 million.
(I.e. Due to the baggage that comes with calling them Primordials)
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