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Originally Posted by maksimsmelchak View Post
Oy. So Kebkh = Primordial.

Not quite.

MT Kebkh = Primordial. AotI/T5 Kebkh = Something Else Entirely.

It's pretty clear that MT Deyis II =/= AotI/T5 Deyis II.

Oy vey.
That's putting it mildly.

I got the impression that the Kebkh were furred mammals.
They sort of were, but...

Marc made them 5-peds in AOTI.
... they were changed and - most likely - deliberately so.

So, now they later turn into reptilianoid snails.
The "videos" seen at the Shimmering City in Knightfall show the "adult" Primordials simply as larger versions of the "juvenile" form. The "adults" walk upright while the "juveniles" walk on all fours with the behavior of the "adults" is shown as less foolish and involve psionics.

The large furry sessile (?) nautilidae Mr. Fugate writes about in MTJ #4 seem to be a body form which either occurs later in the life cycle or (perhaps) one that is deliberately chosen.

Wish I had Whipsnade's memory for the minutia.
I put on two different color socks this morning. Believe me, you don't want my memory.
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