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Default One small point...

While reading over this thread, there is one point that I don’t think was made that might give Blue Ghost, (or anyone else,) some food for thought regarding Traveller Hero.

Now, having played classic Traveller for decades, I know there are players that are enamored with the way you make characters. You roll dice to determine your characteristics, and continue to roll dice to determine how successful you are enlisting in, and progressing through, any number of careers. To the point, that in some versions of Traveller, your character can actually fail to survive character creation. (I believe they even make T-shirts extolling this fact.)

And that’s fine. But the Hero System doesn’t create characters that way. It doesn’t use dice.

In character creation, nothing’s random. All players are given the same number of “character points” to spend in any characteristic, skill, (or power,) they wish. If you want your character to be strong, then spend more points in Strength. But then you won’t have as many points to spend somewhere else, (in Dexterity, for example.) It’s all give and take. All characters (theoretically) start out on an even footing.

Everyone’s character is different. But no one is better than anyone else because of some lucky rolls. I have always found this idea of equality a hallmark of the Hero System.

Given all the work DonM must have put into the system, I hope he would have agreed.
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