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There are some guidelines for deck squares in the core book.

The Solar Boiler would be about 90% outside the airbag, I think.

Standard Mapping is 2 yards per square. Clearance is 7.5 feet (2.5 yards)

Control Room is 4±2 squares
Airlock: 1 square
Airlock Foyer 1 square.

Drives have 1 grid square per ton installed, plus one grid square clearance.

Crew Commons: 1 square per crewman/passenger
Staterooms: 1 square per person, usually in 2-square staterooms double occupancy.
Greenhouse/LS: 1 square per person.

Guns: 1 square per ton. Usually an underdeck, but on this one, it's a pair of sponson turrets on the sides.

The Gasbag is 10000cf per ton lifted - or 37 deck squares per ton lifted.

Cargo space, and this is my house rule, is 5 tons per square minimum, 2 tons per square maximum volume.

Labs I've always drawn at squares equal to twice tonnage.
If there's a conservatory, it's 6-8 squares.
A brig is 1 ton and 2 squares, as well.

There should be a single deck for the gondola. There can be 3 decks hidden in the envelope - (1) solar boiler engineering, possibly some greenhouse, (2) Mid-envelope deck, which might hold the gun sponsons and an aft engine room, possibly a nose conservatory or observatory, (3) an "Upper Gondola", which would not have greenhouse, for certain.

Keep in mind that the boiler needs to be able to point to the sun, and the greenhouse needs sunlight as well - but it has lots of small armored portholes, and possibly light guides, rather than big glass windows.
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