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Default T51:1889 Player Characters

Submitted for approval, my Detective/Scientist:

################################################## ############

Jeremy Brownell
Detective(Pinkerton) undercover as Scientist

Stats: 4-5-3-5-3-3

Strength: 4
_ Fisticuffs: 3
_ Throwing: 2
_ Close Combat: +1 (Bash)
_ Trimsman:

Agility: 5
_ Stealth: 4 +1 =5
_ Riding (American): 4
_ Marksman:
_ _ Rifle/Shotgun: =2
_ _ Pistol: +2 +2 =4
_ _ Bow: =2
_ Crime:
_ _ Lockpick: =2
_ _ Pickpocket: +2 +2 =4
_ _ Forger: =2
_ Mechanics:
_ _ Machinist:
_ _ Steam:
_ _ Electricity:

Endurance: 3
_ Wilderness Travel:
_ _ Foraging:
_ _ Mapping:
_ _ Mountaineering:
_ Fieldcraft:
_ Swimming:
_ Tracking: +2 =2

Intellect: 5
_ Observation: 4 +1 =5
_ Engineering:
_ _ Naval Architecture:
_ _ Structural:
_ _ Fortification:
_ _ Explosives:
_ Science:
_ _ Physics: =2
_ _ Chemistry: +1 +2 =3
_ _ Biology: +4 =4
_ _ Geology: =2
_ _ Archeaology: =2
_ Gunnery:

Charisma: 3
_ Eloquence: 2
_ Theatrics: +1 +1 =2
_ Bargaining:
_ Linguistics:

Social Level: 3
_ Riding(European):
_ Piloting:
_ Leadership:
_ Medicine:

Default skills from Stats: Fist 3, Throw 2, Stealth 4, Obsrv 4, Eloquence 2, Riding 4

Career Skills: Detective: CloseCbt(Bash) 1, Science(Chemistry) 1, Crime(Pickpocket) 2, Theatrics 1, Tracking 2, Mks(Pistol) 2

General Skill Points (6): Science(Biology) 4 (2 pts), Theatrics 1 (1 pt), Obsvn 1 (0.5 pt), Mks(Pistol) 2 (1 pt), Crime(Pickpocket) 2 (1 pt), Stealth 1 (0.5 pt)

Derived Cascade Skills: Marksman, Crime, Science, Riding

Areas for Desired Improvement In-Game: Fisticuffs, CloseCbt, Eloquence, Theatrics, Rifle, Pistol, Crime


Jeremy Brownell is fairly plain-featured, of medium height, with medium brown hair. His non-descript features have been of help to him when he is occasionally required to use disguise when going undercover or playing a role. He always keeps his disguises as simple as possible to lessen the chance of discovery: plain glasses or a monocle, facial warts or scars, fake mustaches or sideburns, shoe lifts, etc. For this current mission he has had time to grow out his own thin mustache, and is wearing wire-rimmed glasses with round lenses of plain glass. He will be wearing either a nice suit of moderate expense, or else rough work clothes, depending on whether in civilization or in the field.


If in civilization he favors a light revolver in shoulder holster, plus a derringer in his pocket (if he believes that he is likely to be searched, he will leave off the revolver). If he has a place to conceal it, he may also carry a blackjack.

In the field, he favors two heavy revolvers on separate belts, one worn on his right hip, one worn for a cross-draw from the left side (he does not wear these for such fancy tricks as using two guns at once; the second revolver is to allow more shots without having to stop and reload the first). He will also prefer to carry on one of his belts a bowie knife and a police baton. He may carry a rifle or shotgun as circumstances warrant.

Personal Background:

Jeremy Brownell was born in 1863 to a middle-class family in Macomb, Illinois. His father was a branch manager of a local bank, subsidiary to a larger bank of Chicago. Jeremy's keen intellect was nurtured by his parents, who kept him in school through graduation from the local high school, then sent him to college in Chicago. In school, Jeremy's primary interest was science, and his hobbies were theater and stage-magic. Unfortunately, Jeremy was forced to leave college after his sophomore year, as his father became ill and had to retire. The family savings would suffice for his parents, but there was nothing left over for further education or even support of Jeremy.

His father's banking connections did help Jeremy in landing a job with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He was not deemed sturdy enough for patrols in the Chicago railyards, but was assigned to the Agency's Chicago office where his scientific skills could be put to work. Jeremy finally convinced one of the senior agents to let him work undercover on a bank fraud case based on his familiarity with banking office practices and his experience in amateur theatrical productions. His success led to further undercover work, and to training to improve his skills with weapons.

The Mercantile interests that are cooperating with the Navy on this expedition to Mars are interested in seeing what other trading prospects might exist for other material, and needed someone with a Scientific background who could also take care of himself in the field, and hired the Pinkerton Agency to provide such a man. Jeremy's role on the expedition is double; he is a legitimate Scientist and is also an undercover agent on the lookout for trouble. (Jeremy's undercover assignment is an integral part of the expedition.)

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