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"Color Davis is full-a-porky-pies, and I don't know he's actually sending us our Party Rocks Harts." snaps out Charley, while filing the daily reports.
Carson scratches his head a moment over the Cockney rhyming slang [Linguistics roll in Chatter thread], then figures that Charley believes Color Sgt Davis to be a liar, who might not be sending the box of artillery parts that were ordered. He decides to check the box if it has already been delivered, to make sure that it contains the appropriate spares and tools; if not yet delivered, he will include it in the supply list to the warehouse, and personally check the contents after delivery is made.

Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
"Let's go for it then" says McBean, "it can be Handy against those dinosaurs, if half what I've Heard about them is true. After all, what can kill an elephant must be quite damaging..."
"Right you are then, sir. 'At was me own thinking, too. I've been told by the Major as to where 'e believes one might be found, but seems the place is off-limits for some reason, so 'e ordered me not to go in uniform. I 'aven't got any civvies, but me folks live in town so I intended to go there first to see if they still 'ave any of me old clothes, or else borrow from me Dad or one of me brothers, then go seeking this gun..."

Carson pauses a moment, rubbing his chin while thinking. "But I've got to be in uniform to run me other errand, taking a supply list by the Army warehouse... Sir, if it be your intent to come along to this off-limits place where we might find the elephant gun, then if it suits your schedule, it might be helpful if you were to come along to the warehouse as well. I 'ave an order from the Major which they ought to comply wit', but you Sir bein' the commanding officer of the expedition... I dunno, sir, whatever you think on that."

"Ummm, you might also like to see me Dad's bookshop, 'e 'as all sorts of scientific books, I used to love reading as a kid... Probly some out of date now, but ye never know... An' 'e gets new books in trade all the time, or as samples in binding, or even buys 'em if 'e thinks they'll sell."
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