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10 Questions For Marc W. Miller

Part 2

"Marc (if I may), was the CT LBB2 trade system with it's per jump rates and the rest supposed to apply for any and all trade in the game, or was it really meant to be just for player characters operating a jump-1 Free Trader?"
- far-trader

Although I want the systems to define how the whole world works, I also understand that they can’t. The trade system was intended to define what a typical Free Trader could expect to make, and skewed slightly hard, to encourage supplemental activity to make up for the losses that Trade seemed to generate.

"What impact did Star Wars and the whole slew of Science Fiction films have on your perceptions of Traveller as the game evolved beyond the Little Black Books?"
- kafka47

Loren Wiseman and I drove to suburban Chicago to see Star Wars in the interval between when we sent Traveller to the printer and when it came back. We were both riveted to our seats, seeing this aspect of Traveller and that aspect of Traveller in scene. Making Star Wars stuff possible in Traveller seemed obvious to us: clearly there were players looking for that potential.

Remember that the original concept for Traveller was very GURPS-ish: a generic system that could emulate every possible part of SF. And in the first year, we did very little support beyond the basic rules. It was only after we started writing adventures that the Imperium started taking shape as a real background.

"Would you consider hiring a writer for the Junior edition of Traveller that you play with your Grandkids through the Mongoose OGL?"
- kafka47

I would consider a port of Traveller8 to MGT once T8 is in its advanced stages.

"In light of some of the changes of how RPGs are constructed...why not adopt some of those innovations into Traveller? If they have influenced your thinking what might we see reflected in T5 or the OGL?"
- kafka47

I have indeed paid a lot of attention to the evolution of role-playing technology, sometimes with heartburn as a result. Traveller invented skills in role-playing, and then invented tasks as a specific process in game play. It went from a D&D like system to a well-stated, state of the art system over the course of several editions.

The heartburn I refer to is the switch from roll-over to roll-under. It still causes arguments, but it is clearly a response to a reasoned, rational analysis of how role-playing games can best be presented.

We’re always open to adopting new technology.

"What was the logic behind closing off the bulk of the OTU to the OGL?"
- kafka47

The bulk of the OTU is closed to publishing within the OGL. Imagine a published adventure that killed off Strephon and started a Rebellion and... OK, bad example. But imagine a published adventure under OGL that redefined Vland, or defined the Barracks Emperors in some what that had great unforeseen consequences. I wanted to avoid that.
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