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Default My Traveller Universe is back!

OK, I've been away a while, playing in other sandboxes, but back to My Traveller Universe......

It's been a while, but here is my pared-down, proto-traveller sized MTU. Help me out and have some fun by looking at the completed system data (currently, 3 sectors) and: suggesting names, tweaking data, giving ideas for polities, etc.... When you give feedback, please put it in the following format:
Sector name/hex/orbit (if necessary)/satellite orbit (if necessary): your feedback

The star map (gif)

The sector names (gif)

The subsector names (gif)

The derivations for the sector/sub-sector names (html)

Danica sector data (xml)

Agrotikospiti sector data (xml)

Columbia sector data (xml)

Warning: I don't yet have a good way to display the xml files in a collapsed state. It is likely to display with everything expanded. if you can help me fix this, let me know. (Yes, I know about stylesheets, but I can't do CSS worth beans.) (The xml files are also large - you would be better off downloading them, then loading them locally.)

As I make changes to the Excel files based on your feedback, I will also update the xml files (so they should stay current).

Some caveats:
Empty orbits weren't working properly in the beginning, so Columbia doesn't have any (IIRC). Agrotikospiti may also be missing them (I can't remember when I got it fixed). If you think there ought to be an empty orbit somewhere, make that feedback, please.

Some of these systems have been tweaked. Some was doing things like moving populations to "nicer" worlds. Some of that was moving worlds or moving conditions for worlds (moving the atmo roll from that tiny rock in a far-distant orbit to the size 8 in the habitable zone). In almost all cases, I moved rolls, instead of moving the result. This led to some interesting results. Some of the man-handling was just to achieve results that I liked.

The intent of this TU is to have a majority no higher than J2, with some scattering of J3 capability. This doesn't really conform to the TLs/Drives in LBB2, but it does correspond to the drive tables in LBB5. So, TL-9/A is J1, TL-B is J2, and TL-C is J3.

There are some polity and world names in the files (almost exclusively in Columbia). These probably won't change, though you can always try to persuade me. (I'm trying to find my list of polities that are already labelled - and I can't! Aaargh!)

Very Simple Background: Settlers from the RoM era came to the next spiral arm over and started colonizing. No contact with home. Though they started at TL13 and rapidly achieved TL15 in some places, several dark ages (isolating individual worlds from each other) have made them start over.
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