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Hal August 15th, 2017 08:18 PM

5,000-ton Neyahuu Fleet Destroyer-class Destroyer, Hull 48113 (TL11)
Hello Folks,
I figured I'd post this here in case anyone wants a quick ship for their own GURPS TRAVELLER campaign. It was the hull that was nicknamed "The Skeever" (yes, a Skyrim reference).

5,000-ton Neyahuu Fleet Destroyer-class Destroyer, Hull 48113 (TL11)

Crew: 170 Total. 17 Command and Control, 5 Jump Drive, 52 Maneuver Drive, 1 Medical, 4 Nuclear Damper Operators, 22 Turret Gunners, 11 Flight Crew, 30 Ship's Services (support) , 2 lab technicians, and 26 Marines (1 Officer, 1 NCO 3 x 1 squad with 2 NCOs and 6 privates)

Hull: 5,000-ton VGSL, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Laminate (Standard) Armored Hull (DR 1,500, Electrified, Thermal Super-conducting Armor, Psi-Shielded, Instant Chameleon, LCD Skin), Heavy Compartmentalization, Basic Stealth (-7, AMod 4), Basic Emission Cloaking (-7, PMod 4 [-3, PMod 8 in space]).

Control Areas: Basic Bridge/11 (Hardened, Complexity 8), Aux.Control Station/Dup.Controls/11, 5 PESA/11 Md, 5 AESA/11 UHv, EW/11 (Hardened, Complexity 9).

Basic Bridge Communications:
Radio 50,000,000
Maser 0
Laser 100,000,000
Meson 15,000

Basic Bridge Sensors:
Passive 30,000/38
Active 150,000/42
Radscanner 10,000/35

Medium PESA:
Passive 1,500,000/47

Ultra Heavy AESA:
Active 7,000,000/47

Electronic Warfare:
Area Jammer 2,250/7
Radio Direction Finder 500,000,000
Radio Jammer 50,000

Engineering: 2 Engineering/11, 250 Jump Drive/11, 873 Maneuver Drive/11 (5.04 / 5.78 Gs, 87,300 stons thrust), 2,000 Jump Fuel Tank/7, 6 Fuel Processor (41.7 hours to refine Jump Fuel Tank/7), 10 Utility/11.

Accommodations: 27 Stateroom/11, 15 Bunk Room/11, Luxury Stateroom/11, Military Sickbay/11 (5 Patients), 4 Emergency Aid Station/11 (12 Patients), 4 Low Berth/ 9 (16 Cryoberths), 2 Brig/11 (50 Users), 2 Armory/11 (50 Users), Safe/11 (25 Users), 3 Gymnasium/ 7 (12 Users), Conference Room/ 11 (50 Users), 2 Office/11 (8 Users), Theater/ 7 (100 Users), Mini-Workshop/ 8 (3 Users), 17 Escape Capsule (170 Users), 3 Ships Galley/ 7.

Misc: Laboratory/ 7, 2,000 Hydrogen Fuel (Fire 13).

Armaments: 4 Nuclear Damper/11 (20 mi), 1 Sm Internal Bay/07 Battery of 1 (Sm PAW Bay/11 23.3 Gj ), 1 Heavy Laser Battery 1 Battery of 10 (DR 750, Hvy Laser/11 1.3 Gj [RoF Bonus +3]), 10 Heavy Laser Battery 2 Batteries of 1 each (DR 750, Hvy Laser/11 1.3 Gj ), 10 Laser Turrets Batteries of 1 each (2 dtons available; DR 750, Std Laser/11 390 Mj), 2 Heavy Missile Turrets Batteries of 1 each (1.9 dtons available; DR 750, Hv Missile Rack/10 [10], 500mm Missile/11, 500mm Electronic Warfare Drone/11, 500mm Missile/11), 8 Std Missile Turret/11 Batteries of 1 each (2 dtons available; DR 750, Lt Missile Rack/10 [77], 3x250mm Missile/11).

1 x Sm PAW Bay/11 23.3 Gj
20 x Hvy Laser/11 1.3 Gj
10 x Std Laser/11 390 Mj
2 x Hv Missile Rack/10 [10]
8 x Lt Missile Rack/10 [77]

500mm Missile/11 x 4
500mm Electronic Warfare Drone/11 x 2
250mm Missile/11 x 24

Stores: 40 Hold (40xUnspecified Cargo, 0 dtons free for cargo), 360 Spacedock/ 7 (3xModular Cutter, 2xCargo Module, Fighter Module, Passenger Module).

Statistics: DMass 13,101.98 stons, EMass 15,101.98 stons, LMass 17,312.95 stons, Base Cost MCr2,446.58, Load Cost MCr30.7, Total Cost MCr2,477.28, HP 165,000, Damage Threshold 16,500, Size Mod +11, HT 12, 237.4 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: Jump-4, sAcc 5.04 Gs (max load)/5.04 Gs (normal load)/5.78 Gs (fuel load)/6.66 Gs (dry load).

Air Performance: aSpeed 7,097 mph, Skimming aSpeed 21,822 mph, aLift 87,300 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 0.04 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.06 Hrs, 100D 2.84 Hrs, Earth-Mars 48.82 Hrs.

All times are Earth Std, Full Load.
100D and Earth-Mars assume mid-point turnover.
Crew arranged into 3 shifts

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Hal August 15th, 2017 08:33 PM

For what it is worth, this was being used in my traveller Universe for a Lunion campaign. The crew assignments were different than required by Traveller for the most part, because I look at this as an exercise in figuring out what you really need for a 24/7 operation plus actual security needs. Having a platoon of Marines handle perimeter security makes a heck of a lot more sense than the guidelines used in Traveller itself.

Below is an email that I sent to two players in the campaign utilizing the ship:

<begin paste>
The Destroyer has jammers aboard that permit it to act as “blip enhancers”. In plain English, it permits you to seem larger than you really are. A size 11 hull (5,000 dTons) can appear to be anywhere from 5,000 dTons (its real size) on up to 750,000 dTons in size.

In addition, the ship is loaded with Electronic Warfare Drones. Their purpose is to act as area jammers with a rating of 5. This is the penalty to the enemy sensor operator’s skill roll when trying to lock on with targeting lasers. EW Drones are not “stackable”. In other words, once launched by the ship, the missile cruises alongside the ship (taking a dedicated communications/missile turret out of commission). Having TWO missiles do not make the difficulty any higher than would one.

Spoofing: The Electronic Warfare suite permits your destroyer to spoof enemy sensor operators into seeing up to 6 separate targets. Having to divide their fire amongst 6 targets to insure that at least some of their attacks hit you is of course, beneficial. They could of course, specify which of the six targets they’re firing at, and hope that they pick the correct target (giving you a 5 in 6 chance of being missed automatically!). Flip side is, if they pick/guess correctly, then all of their targeted attacks will potentially hit your hull. Do NOT Neglect the health and attention span of your EW officer. 

While discussing the loadout of the ship’s weapons, <name redacted> and I discussed a potential “tactical maneuver”. It requires that the ship dump ALL of its Jump fuel during battle. In so doing, the ship loses its ability to enter jump space, but it grants a roughly .5 G increase in the ship’s tactical top acceleration. You can of course dump half the fuel and only get a lesser increase in top acceleration – but you maintain your capability for entering jump space.

Below is a table showing the increase based on how much fuel you dump:

Top Acceleration with Jump 4 Fuel: 5.04 G
Top Acceleration with Jump 3 Fuel: 5.19 G
Top Acceleration with Jump 2 Fuel: 5.35 G
Top Acceleration with Jump 1 Fuel: 5.52 G
Top Acceleration with Jump 0 Fuel: 5.70 G

</end Paste>

Brandon C November 1st, 2017 10:12 PM

I suggest listing the weapons a bit differently. List that number and type of turrets and bays, then list how they are organized into batteries.

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