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flykiller July 22nd, 2017 07:02 PM

Repo Man
Must be how the rich get rich - they don't pay their bills.

You look at the house up the surface street. One of the best areas in the 'burbs, beautiful panoramic view from the back over the ag into the ocean, the front yard facing the city rising hard and high on the horizon. No public transport for these fine citizens, they go where they want in the concrete canyons or the open country.

You'd think this guy could pay for his car. Well, things happen, and 100kCr is a lot, and sometimes you just gotta get pushy. You wonder though, seems just a little odd. Well, 10kCr if you get it back, and you're authorized, so just do it. Besides, maybe you'll get on vid. "Breaking news, another repo attempt by RAH, this time in High Ridge can you believe it?, so any players out there get ready! We go now to the live action ...."

Low walls and fences, little crime, and Megan help criminals if they get caught here. All the trees, beautiful. A pleasure to walk, half-way to the wilderness.

A police bot races by on the road. You know it's scanning you, you have your RFID, you're know you're clear, but now that you're civilian you experience that little hesitation even though you have good status. The bot keeps going, no query, good boy.

And there's the place. High point on High Ridge, they really want you to repo this guy's car? Well, better than dealing with the Under City, cleaner.

Ulsyus July 29th, 2017 03:11 PM

Lenny walks along easily, taking it all in. Just walking past the property, scanning it casually before looking at other places as he walks past. The security system on the gate: how does that look? Surveillance system on the perimeter of the property: how many elements? Foot gates and vehicle gates: located where? Distance to the house from the gate? Location of the garage - attached to the house or separate from it. Servants' entrances? Garage doors? Whatever he's able to pick up from the street.

All the straightforward questions that run through his mind as he's had to ask in the past when getting ready to put a surveillance device into someone's place. Only this time, while it's still sort of legal, it feels extrajudicial as hell.

From Lenny's perspective, the problem is in simple sets. Get into the property, undetected. Or get invited in. He prefers the former, as this isn't the sort of stomping ground he's used to working in.
Get to the house, undetected.
Get into the garage and the car, without tripping any alarms.
Drive out past the front gate, undetected.
Simple in concept. A little more difficult in fact.

This time he doesn't have a team backing him up, doesn't have a tech invading the house management systems and blinding the sensors to his presence. So it's just going to have to be a bit of DYI with the kit the company's forked out for, and the practice he's had in the past...

Ulsyus July 29th, 2017 03:41 PM

For starters, Lenny has an electronic kit optimised for entry through security systems in properties and vehicles of various sorts.

He's wearing a light, neat suit so he doesn't stand out in this area, but has a Cloth jacket underneath (T5 - I know, you're using CT, but hear me out - BBB p499 gives TL 10 Cloth armour a +2 mod to protection, just sayin...), a jammer man-portable (TL-A, 2.5kg, disrupts sensors, BBB p617) in a fashionably-designed slung satchel-bag, a snub stun pistol (let me get the stats to you, TL-A...), repossession paperwork, half a dozen zip-ties (hey, you never know), RFID and handcomp-comm, flash-visor sunglasses, and a packet of mints.

flykiller July 30th, 2017 12:55 AM

The vehicle in question is an Antelope 299 Ground Sport. Two seater, high powered high performance, manual or self-driving or auto-authority traffic control. Bright red of course, half of all repos are bright red. If it were a normal locally-built civilian vehicle the auto-authority simply would take control and drive it to a police station, but wealth has its priviledges and this off-planet import version has a manual isolation switch with no authorized bypass. If you gain access you might be able to access the electronics using the built-in pre-hacks or possibly by hacking the system yourself, but it's not guaranteed.

Looking over the property frontline there's definitely two entrances, one at 03 (right hand numbers) and 16 (bottom row numbers) which is either a servant or a guest entrance, and one at 04/62 which clearly is the main gate with a drive leading to a round-about with garages on either side.

Ulsyus August 1st, 2017 02:59 PM

Before necessarily making a cold entrance, was it possible to scan the social pages and find out if there was going to be a party or event at the property any time in the near future? I reckon it may be easier to make an entrance when there were a pile of people about.

flykiller August 3rd, 2017 01:08 AM

You have 23 hours remaining to retrieve the vehicle. The RAH office that has assigned you and to which you must return the vehicle is near the city center, in the concrete canyons and elevated freeways.

The present asportant of the Antelope 299 is Melikai Pollanet Petersen XLIX, a distant descendent of a great Solomani admiral. You don't see anything else particularly noteworthy about him, though usually any such information is not posted publicly. Checking further and hitting a few other data sources you find his birthday is today - 29 years old. No way of knowing if he's throwing a party tonight, or if it would be here, but there you are.

Further data base hits reveal he's got a small team of live-in servants - you just see the data point, you don't see how many. The auxilliary gate must be their entrance.

You no longer have official police clearance so you don't have access to any security system data - not on someone this rich - but you can guess. Sensor and scanner at each gate, 360 sensor above the fountain between the garages, probably one at each corner of the mansion. Patrol bots are common too. No idea about internal security guards, everyone has their preferences, but you'd bet that 1) this guy doesn't think he needs any and 2) he'll probably be armed himself. Just how things are done here.

Checking further you see the guy has a street-racer registered to him, and he's cleared to participate in the Rally's. Wow, he's one of the Burners, he must really know how to drive. If you do make it out with the repo he might try to follow you. Repossession here is legal but is considered a civil matter and your ex-friends on the force will NOT intervene in a chase. It might be on the info news. This could get good. "Tonight's contestants are ....!"

Ulsyus August 8th, 2017 02:38 PM

If there was any time for fore-warning Lenny would've tried to set up a simple motion-activated camera in the near vicinity, set to record on movement at the gates and burst transmit once every six hours. Just to get an idea of when people moved in and out of the property and so try to work out any patterns of life that could give him an idea when the property would be least occupied, or when there was the best chance to recover the car knowing it was there.

He'll try a scan of the social pages for references to him and try to get an image of some sort or another Petersen. Then he'll be check out the images on the social pages to get an idea of what would be good choice of evening wear, both of the guests and caterers who attend those sort of events. Particularly the bar staff and the caterers.

Options include just trying to wander in, but the security system coupled with the staff and the obvious out-of-placeishness of entering during the day makes that a a bit dodgy, unless he's got some sort of cover as the automated door repairman on an unscheduled service due to a persistent issue on three other fittings so we're proactively attending to this as part of our client support package.

Oh, maybe the same sort of thing could be sprung for their security system, using the jammer that he's got as the excuse. Hmm, maybe not.

Can Larry organise for a capable person from the company to man a phone and receive calls for any inquiries about whether the service is necessary? Any chance of having the number to the real garage door company diverted for a short period at the time that Larry would be there, so that inquiries checked with "the office" could be covered even if they don't call the number that he tried to give them? Just looking for an alternative to trying to get in as one of the drinks waiters during the party.

Is Larry able to find out who the catering company is for the party? If so, are they hiring additional staff for the night?

flykiller August 12th, 2017 01:44 AM

(you received your assignment at 0900, you have until 0900 tomorrow to have the vehicle standing in the RAH lot, it is now 1000.)

You don't know if the car actually is there. It has auto-grid capability but it's not mandatory, and right now it's not on the grid. You check and in the last three months it's been on the grid once - just last week, starting at closing time, it auto-drove someone from one of the more famous Under City bars back to this address.

Yep, there's his picture. And yeah you get plenty of info on what to wear at formal events - the information is provided as a public service, because such conventions frequently are ignored. Not by anyone acting as a servant or caterer though, proper dress will be quite expected.

As a police officer you could get authority to re-direct calls and impersonate agencies, but as a civilian you can't re-direct anything, RAH won't do that, and while impersonating civilian entities is not illegal here it will result in un-official action against you by those entities. You check over the security emmission sigs - oh yeah, you see a few systems you recognize, you can do some things here to simulate problems, mostly illegal and almost impossible to prove. You're pretty sure who the company is too, it's a standard set-up (as far as you can see), and it's a decent one.

Oh hey, good data (good roll), there was a police action here a year ago today, all of it is "public" access (and you are still "public"). Big bust, or would have been, a few calls made, a few releases-on-recognizance, let's see, names names names there we go, The Outback Bar, provides premier alcohol to big-boy parties. You've heard of those guys, only the best, this guy here lives large. Or lived, if he's not paying for his car there's no telling if he'll be doing that again this year. You check their schedule - yeah, they're booked for tonight, but they don't say where, it could be anywhere, and yes they're hiring, but they're very popular and won't like infiltrators ....

You see a dog sitting by the garages, mechanically turning its head left and right. You recognize it quickly, it's a tech 9 The-Snow-Covered-Mountains-Look-Down-In-Gratitude-On-The-Peaceful-Village Industries model K. A fairly good imitation of a moderately large attack dog, quite fast, usually has IR/Night vision and enhanced hearing and a real good bite, usually used by people who don't like having real dogs around. Usually controlled by a central security system, it will revert to on-board programming if its signal is interrupted or falls outside predetermined security parameters.

Some tree-trimmers are in the back of the property, maintaining a large tree.

Oh good heavens, there it is.

The Antelope 299 (you check the plates and RFID, yep) is moving up the road, Petersen at the wheel - the guy actually has his hands on the wheel, and and after all those years of manual driving in Under City yourself you can tell he knows what he's doing. He's got a girl, she's looking at his place, he's looking at her, neither of them notice you. The vehicle leaps to a halt at the main gate like a living thing, oh it is beautiful (and in great shape too, not like some repos you've seen, you'll get full value for this one!), the gate cycles on IFF, and the vehicle roars on into the turn-about like an SDB and halts on a dime. The central fountain starts up with real water, holo-graphic birds flitter about, a holo-graphic Nymph appears in the water and greets her master. The usual. Petersen and the girl get out, and the vehicle switches to auto and auto-parks itself in one of the garages. Interesting ... not a young girl, a woman, perhaps in her mid-20's, well dressed. She looks around the mansion entrance while Petersen waves his hand at it and looks at her, and he clearly invites her in. As she goes he speaks for a moment with the Nymph - it seems to be relaying information verbally to him - and then taps the robot dog on the head and follows the woman into the mansion. The Nymph dives and the water fountain continues.

Interesting ... you can see two people, probably servants, scurrying back behind the garages to get into the main building before Petersen does. When the cat's away the mice will play.

Ulsyus August 13th, 2017 03:31 PM

Would the model-K dog be likely to have shielding that would armour it against any sort of EMP attack to render it benign, or would it be likely to be hackable?

Is the nymph part of a household management system? If so, would it be linked directly to the security system?

The couple scurrying back into the place out the back of the garage - were they in uniforms or any sort of livery that would indicate their employment status? Is it possible to work out/see/track where they were running from - that bit's curious...

flykiller August 29th, 2017 12:46 AM

(feeling better, back)

Hacking the K might be possible, depending on the electronic upgrades installed. Hacking might mean anything from total control to simple redirects. Grateful Village industries is a bit primitive compared to what is available here, but end-users don't always upgrade. You'll have to try and see, if you can get a comm link going with either the K or any external control system.

You've seen these nymphs before, they're quite popular, and they're almost always one of the secondary interfaces with household systems - security status, calendar appointment systems, messages, you name it. Petersen speaking with it on arrival probably means it is connected with the house systems overall.

The two people running in the back seem to be dressed as a butler and as a maid, not rigidly formal (you'd be suspicious of any upper-classman who made his houseworkers so dress) but not at all informal.

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