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timerover51 March 7th, 2019 09:58 PM

Space: 1889 Campaign
A few years ago SpaceBadger and I were working on a Space: 1889 campaign, but things sort of fizzled out when he got sick. Now that he is back on the Forum, we are thinking of restarting it. If you look on SpaceBadger's Reaver's Deep thread, you can see some of the posts for it. I will be looking at getting material posted back here to start from for the game.

A couple of head's ups. First, I will be using the original rules and books for the campaign, and nothing from the new edition. If you need those, you will need to get them. As a minimum, you will need the core rule book, the Soldier's Companion, and Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds. Caravans of Mars and Steppe Lords of Mars would also be useful. I am not sure if any aerial combat will occur. It the new group wants to go to Venus or Mercury, then the two Tales of the Ether books will come in handy.

Next, you will likely encounter historical and fictional non-player characters that I will be playing. Do not try to kill, injure, or otherwise damage them. That would not be good for your character. Use them as resources.

Next, I will be reposting the various news flashes that I put up earlier to give you some idea as to how my mind works. Pay attention to them. If you do not, you may find yourself bitten in the butt by something with fangs and poison. Another note, I have no problems trying to kill player characters if they start doing stupid things. Do you wish to find out what the inside of a 60 foot anaconda looks like? Be careful who you insult. Wyatt has a short temper, and Frederic Remington might be an artist, but he is also a good hand with a gun, both revolver and cavalry carbine. He would not mind adding to his artwork of gunfights from Mars. Do not, ever, insult or threaten Lady Baker. Her husband might bend you into a pretzel before using you for target practice.

More to follow.

timerover51 March 8th, 2019 02:47 AM

Campaign Possibilities
While I have not changed these much, in looking at the threads, I did forget to post the Referee Notes for the Amazon Expedition. I think that to make things easier for possible players, I will repost them.


1. Mercury: Thomas Edison has heard rumors of naturally occurring energy cells called “glow crystals” on Mercury and desires some for examination in order to possibly produce them on Earth. He will sponsor a group to proceed to Mercury to search for the crystals, with the approval of the British government, and starting from the Princess Christiana Station located at Mercury’s North Pole. The group must include at least one Geologist and at least one person with experience with small boats for travel on the World River. The US government has an interest in the expedition as well, desiring more information as to what may be found on Mercury. The party will have the use of a wood-powered steam launch while on Mercury. As an alternative, a sailing launch can be provided, which will do away with the necessity of spending time every two days cutting wood for fuel. Against that, if the NPCs are cutting wood, the party does have a day for exploration of the area.

Referee Note: At least one character must be an American with maritime experience, either with the Navy or Marine Corps, and is acting for the US Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence. (Yes, the U.S. Navy had a very active Office of Naval Intelligence at that time.) He will be given some additional skills not known to the other players initially. There will also be two NPC to assist in the operation of the steam launch, so as to allow the players to concentrate on their task.

2. Venus: Leon Sharps, son of the noted gun inventor, Christian Sharps, has developed a breech-loading Sharps rifle using a special bronze alloy for use on Venus, so as to reduce the problems of rust and corrosion in the extremely humid Venusian atmosphere. He wishes to demonstrate its capabilities on Venus and is looking for a group of adventures to travel there and use his new rifles, hoping that they will be adopted by one of the colonies for military and civilian use. The special alloy has also been used to make a small number of edged weapons for use as well, along with machetes. A number of extra daggers and machetes will be carried by the expedition to use as trade items with the Lizard-men. Half of the profits of any trade will be paid to the adventuring group. The starting point for any group may be the British, Russian, or Italian colony, and the group preferably should be American in origin. Americans will have a bit of an edge here, especially if from the Southeast and Florida, where heat and humidity are not unknown. Sharps will sell to any country, but the Germans sneer at his “obsolete” single-shot rifle compared to their magazine Mauser.

Referee note: While exploration is not the object of the expedition, any finds will be valuable to the appropriate government. Travel may be on land or sea. The Hotchkiss gun company has purchased a license to use the Sharps alloy for production of light cannon, and if desired, will supply any expedition with a test sample of either the 37mm caliber revolving cannon or a bronze version of the US Army 1.85 inch/2 pounder mountain rifle, along with ammunition. Travel near the German colony is not advised.

timerover51 March 8th, 2019 02:50 AM


3. Earth: Brazil is greatly desirous of increasing its exports of rubber, but rubber collectors in the western Amazon region have been reporting the presence of extremely large snakes that have attacked, at times, travelers in boats and near riversides. As the primary means of travel is via river, these tales have greatly reduced rubber collections, and Brazilian exports (as well as Brazilian government revenue). The British Royal Society and the newly formed US National Geographic Society have been asked by the Brazilian government to send an expedition to the area to disprove the claims of large and dangerous creatures. The Brazilian government believes (quite rightly) that any pronouncement on its part will not be believed, but thinks that an outside party investigating would have its report accepted as true. Travel will be by boat, so some knowledge of small watercraft will be needed in the party. C. Sharps and Company may be prevailed to furnish some of their new bronze alloy rifles to the party to demonstrate their use in the humid and hot Amazon climate. Both Peru and Bolivia have claims on the area to be explored, and will be also watching with great interest.

Referee Note: The claims of 60 foot long anacondas are, in fact, true, which will not make the Brazilian government very happy. The party may prefer to exit the area through either Peru or Bolivia to avoid major complications. Sighting what appears to be a very isolated plateau with strange creatures on it will not help matters. Then, of course, there are the hostile Indians. The men running the rubber gathering operation are not particularly nice either, or trustworthy Weapon skills are greatly warranted. Rumors of the Lost City of Z may also be picked up.

4. Mars: The war between Britain and the Oenotrian Empire has bogged down, and British resources on Mars are stretched thin. With the recent publication of the Century series on the Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, the US Navy histories, and Sharf’s History of the Confedrate States Navy, considerable knowledge of Confederate ship-building techniques is now available. The extensive use of wood by the Confederacy in building its ironclads offers the chance of greatly simplifying construction on Mars., requiring only the armor and steam plant to be shipped from Earth. A mixed group of former Confederates, Union naval veterans, and British mariners has come together and proposes to build an aerial warship, similar in design to the CSS Albemarle, for use as a convoy escort and raider under a Letter of Marque from the British. Young Francis Bannerman has made a small fortune through the purchase of surplus US Civil War military goods and cannon, and is willing to supply cannon for the vessel (of course, for a cut of the proceeds). The players will need to convince the British authorities on Mars of their ability to carry this out, and get the ship built. Then, the fun starts.

Referee Note: Expertise with smoothbore ordnance is a plus, C. Sharps may be a good source of weapons, advertising you know. Prior nautical, army, or Marine experience also very helpful.

timerover51 March 8th, 2019 03:01 AM


5. Mars: The US Navy is very desirous of obtaining a reliable source of liftwood for its fledgeling aerial service. Based on the report of Miss Elizabeth Boynton who, along with her diplomat father, was kidnapped by a group of High Martians, it may be possible to trade non-lethal goods in the form of lemon drops and digestive biscuits (aka Graham Crackers) for wood. C. Sharps and Company have also been approached because of their patented bronze alloy, which has a pronounced golden color when highly polished, and a quantity of knives, short swords, and spearheads has been purchased for trading as well. The areas to the west of the trading complex at Thymiamata are reported to have good supplies of liftwood, and the party will travel along the Dead Canal to the northwest to Oxia and Niliacus in an effort to make contact with liftwood traders. Funds are somewhat limited, so the party will need to do some hunting for specimens to sell to Earth museums as well as some exploring and surveying of the flora and fauna along the route for possible sources of profit.

Referee Note: While the party may have a British character or two, the majority will be Americans, and at least one person with Merchant skill is greatly needed. A scientist or two would also be useful. A U.S. Naval or Marine officer will also likely be a member.

6. Mars: The newly formed National Geographic Society wishes to establish itself as an equal to the Royal Geographical Society, and it is willing to sponsor an exploratory mission to Mars. Areas of interest are the Swamps of Gorklimsk, the unknown area around Tharsis (with emphasis on how this city is surviving when located only on Dead Canals), and the little known areas of Electris and Thaumasia. The Society will pay for the either flyer roundtrip, and assist with obtaining equipment, but the players are expected to supply or raise the funds for their own equipment.

Referee Note: A party with mixed skills would be best, British or American. The players decide which way they are going and then will travel from either a British outpost or Thymiamata to their starting point, presumably via a Sky Galleon. Beware the High Martians!

SpaceBadger March 8th, 2019 04:25 PM

So #5 was the expedition that we were previously setting up? Sounds familiar, anyway.

Actually, any of these except the Brazilian expedition sound pretty good (if I'm playing a game with travel to other planets, I wanna travel to other planets! ). I'd say I have a slight bias toward #5 bc I've already made a suitable PC.

timerover51 March 8th, 2019 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by SpaceBadger (Post 599832)
So #5 was the expedition that we were previously setting up? Sounds familiar, anyway.

Actually, any of these except the Brazilian expedition sound pretty good (if I'm playing a game with travel to other planets, I wanna travel to other planets! ). I'd say I have a slight bias toward #5 bc I've already made a suitable PC.

Number 5 was the one that we were thinking of as a starter. I might run the Amazon for my summer gaming class, as it is historically based and will work with the primarily historical format of the class.

I am working on some more news flashes, and also more background on Thymiamata as the starting point. I still have all of your character data and your presentation on my computer if you need it.

SpaceBadger March 27th, 2019 07:48 AM

I'd really like to get this game fired up again, whenever you're ready. Do we have any of the other players still around? Last time Vladicka had expressed interest and I helped him make two PCs, but then he never followed through with the final decisions to complete them.

[EDIT: Yikes! Checked his profile, seems Vladicka has been away even longer than me, no activity here since August 2014. I hope he's doing OK.]

I was just looking over my two guys in the Character thread, Jeremy Brownell and James Laclede, and I gotta say I'm looking forward to playing both of them. I had a few brief hours as James making a presentation to the U.S. government committee that was planning the Mars expedition for scenario #5, but that was all.

I'd be happy to return to that mission, since James was sorta custom-designed for it, but really any of the off-planet missions that would let me play these two guys would be OK with me. Or I could even make someone new, I've always enjoyed the chargen process, but I've forgotten how it works in Space: 1889, and I'm not so great at learning (or re-learning) anything complicated now; it makes my head hurt. :(

Come on, some of you guys sign up for this game, it'll be Fun! :D

timerover51 November 9th, 2019 04:53 PM

I received a number of emails, 13 to be exact, that the PDF files for the Space: 1889 rules on DriveThruRPG have been updated, but are still the 1st Edition rules. I have not gone through all of them yet, but they have all been put through an OCR program, so that you can copy and paste them. That does make it easier to structure a specific set of rules for use, and also makes it easier to supply players with information.

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