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DuneFox June 23rd, 2016 03:48 PM

Quality of T2000 v1 and v2 CDs
Hi All!
I am hoping this is a good place to ask.
I am very much interested in purchasing both the Twilight 2000 v1 and v2 CDs from Far Future Enterprises - I so want to go back and play these games again - so awesome!!!
I have the Twilight 2013 and while a great game - it just does not feel like Twilight 2000 to me - perhaps this just sentimentality playing a part.


What I want to know is how is the quality of the .pdfs? I did purchase T2000 v1 from DTRPG awhile ago and the quality was terrible with bleed through and just being blurry as well. Poor .pdf for what they were asking.

I have the Classic Traveller CD and the quality is quite good so I am hopeful.



aramis June 23rd, 2016 04:50 PM

On the T2K 1E CD, most of the scans are relayouts, using the art from the old DTRPG scans.

You may want to check your account on DTRPG for updates, as Marc may have updated them on DTRPG, too. (I don't know.)

The 2.2 CD is a mediocre scan. (Sadly, my preferred ed also isn't on CD... that's 2.0...). White balance bad; most pages light gray. Some PDFs not OCR'd.

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