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timerover51 September 9th, 2019 05:39 PM

I posted here a while back, but figure that it is time to update things a bit.

Name: Dale, aka Timerover51

Age: Approaching 68, had my 50th High School Reunion in July, 2019

Country: Far North Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have not escaped from Illinois as yet.

Favorite version of Traveller: 1977 and 1981 Edition of Little Black Books with some Cepheus Engine mixed in, so best described as Home Rules for now. I also use The Traveller Book.

Military Service: ROTC scholarship in College, 3 years and 4 months as a U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer (see signature), then medically retired in July of 1978. Presently listed at 100% disabled.

Favorite Supplement: Toss up between Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium (additional careers and skills) and Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats (I like a small ship universe).

Favorite Adventures: ANNIC NOVA, Research Station Gamma, Twilight's Peak

Favorite Sector: Piper-Norton Out Rim Sector that I am building (slowly).

Favorite Race: Human (I also like the Droyne.)

Favorite Empire: Empire, what Empire?

Started Playing Traveller: Bought the 1977 version of the LBBs in 1979, and working with them ever since.

Favorite Authors: H. Beam Piper, Andre Norton, James Schmitz, Murray Leinster, Robert Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Bruce Catton, U.S. Center for Military History "Green Book" series covering World War 2 along with their other publications

I also am a military historian, especially naval, from the Sumerians to modern day. I have done some work for the government. (see signature). Not a great fan of flyboys.

JimMarn September 11th, 2019 03:07 PM

My update, kinda boring. But then I'm a boring person.

Name: Jim aka JimMarn

Age: over 70. My gray hairs had a kazillion kids, and they are glaringly white.

Military: 6 years in the US Navy as an electronics tech, radar repair. Vacuum tubes/valves. Only two equipment with transistors. Ship broken up for scrap around 15 years ago. I thought that happened last century, but apparently there was an effort to preserve it.

Still not gaming. Relatives keep promising to get interested.

Working on some maps for my Traveller site, one sub-sector mapped so far. This will be in Path 02, joining two galaxy arms.

And saw a semi-complaint thread on another gaming forum. OP said it was terrible he was getting old and didn't have much time left to game. He posted his age... I'm 20 years older than him. Maybe he just felt old. I know when I turned 40, I felt old. Now it depends on my day.

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