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tlindsey May 2nd, 2002 06:18 PM

Name: Ted Lindsey
Age: 32
Occupation: Director of Research (software engineer)
Country: San Diego, USA
Favorite Traveller Version: MegaTraveller & anything from Digest Group
Military Service: None. (10 yrs paintball, CQB & handgun training, however)
Favorite Supplement: Starship Operator's Manual or Mercenary (toss up)

trader jim May 3rd, 2002 01:14 AM

NAME: jim
AGE: 55 (and counting)
COUNTRY: Repbublic of California
FAVORITE VERSION: CT - T20 (ill give it a shot}
MILITARY: USAF (12yrs) wasent the TET of 68 fun?? MEDIC.
FAVORITE SUPPLIMENT: merchant prince / merc
FAV EMPIRE: anywhere i can make a credit!!

RobertFisher May 3rd, 2002 09:20 AM

Name: Robert
UPP: 4C5969
Homeworld: Tellus G887965-8
Race: Solomani
Age: 31
Country: Texas
Favorite version of Traveller: Classic
Favorite Milieu: The 3rd Imperium c. 1100
Military Service: Nope
Favorite Suppliment: Citizens of the Imperium
Favorite Sector: Spinward Marches
Favorite Race: Humaniti (Aslan a close 2nd)
Favorite Empire: Roman

FlightCommanderSolitude May 3rd, 2002 02:38 PM

Oh all right:

Name: Flight Commander Solitude
Age: 0x20
Homeworld: California
Favorite version of Traveller: Classic Traveller
Favorite Supplement: 76 Patrons
Favorite Adventure: Divine Intervention
Favorite Sector: Spinward Marches
Favorite Race: the Hive
Favorite Empire: 3I


mshoen July 2nd, 2002 03:47 AM

Name: Michael
Age: Well Seasoned (36)
Country: The Great State of Idaho, where the men are men and wild potatoes stalk the countryside in search of fresh victims :D
Favorite Version of Traveller: CT with parts of MT and 2300
Military Service: US Army MP (1984-1990), Idaho State Police (1995-Present)
Favorite Supplement: Mercenary, High Guard, World Builder's Handbook
Favorite Sector: Variant Solomani Rim
Favorite Race: Kafers(2300) adapted to Traveller
Favorite Empire: Variant Terran Confederation
Favorite World: Terra circa 2302

Artikid July 2nd, 2002 07:49 AM

Name: Luigi Castellani
Age: 30
Country: Italy
Occupation: Graphic/web designer
Military Service: None, I was rejected because they don't accept Vargr in the italian army... :(
Favourite Version: MT
Player or Gentleman? (i.e. ref): Ref
Style of play: Crooks in space during the third imperium.
Favourite 'Empire': Ziru sirka
Favourite aliens: Vargr
Favourite adventure: Expedition to Zhodane.
Favourite supplement: Citizens of the Imperium.

Psion July 2nd, 2002 09:49 AM

Name: Alan D. Kohler
UPP: 686AC8
Age: 33
Country: USA, MD
Favorite version of Traveller: MT, with high hopes for T20.
Service Jacket: Sailors, 1 1/2 Term, (USN Submarine reactor operator), college, scientists 1 term
Skills: engineering - 2, electronics - 2, mechanic - 1, JoT - 1, computer - 3, handgun - 1, Admin - 2
Favorite Supplement: World Builder's Handbook
Favorite Adventure: Adventure 11: Murder on Arcturus Station (is there a more flexible adventure?)
Favorite Sector: Reavers Deep (personal version -- never used nor saw the Keith brothers' version)
Favorite Race: Humaniti, Vargr
Favorite Empire: 3I, Zhodani Consular, Solomani Confederation

Nearside July 2nd, 2002 10:27 AM

Name: Stephen
Age: Getting there (31, 32 in a month and a bit)
Country: Cleveland, Ohio- but originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland (moved here two years ago).
Favorite Version of Traveller: CT, MT, 2300
Military Service: None, but worked for the RUC as an admin assistant
Favorite Supplement: GURPS First In
Favorite Sector: The Beyond
Favorite Race: The Pentapods
Favorite Empire: None, really. Third Imperium, just to be boring.
Favorite World: Terra circa 2302

notagoodusername July 2nd, 2002 12:51 PM

Name: Shane Mclean
Age: 26
Country: UK
Favorite Version of Traveller: TNE (setting) or TNE/T20 (rules, undecided as to favourite of the two)
Military Service: Army, 8.5 years (electronics tech - AFV and Control)
Favorite Supplement: GURPS Trav: Starports
Favorite Sector: New Era Diaspora
Favorite Race: Human
Favorite Empire: Solomani Confederation
Favorite World: Any, its the journey that matters

solomani_interloper July 2nd, 2002 02:26 PM

Age: 35
Country: Wales
Favorite Version of Traveller: Classic, but played a lot of 2300
Military Service: None - but managed to lose an eye in Bosnia as a civilian so God alone knows what I'd have done in a uniform
Favorite Supplement: Citizens of the Imperium - endless fun
Favorite Sector: Solomani Rim
Favorite Race: Human
Favorite Empire: Solomani Confederation

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