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david.wendelken April 7th, 2010 10:45 PM

Chehesti became fully occupied with events inside the compound as the rebels swarmed through the breaches again plus rushed the northern wall. Her cool, unhurried demeanor was an inspiration to all the soldiers as she calmly directed the reserves to blunt the attack. White phosphorus grenades were used to set fire to pools of motor oil that had been spilled just behind where the breaches in the wall were being made. Thankfully, that slowed down the rate at which soldiers entered the courtyard. The first assault wave had been annihilated by the crush of the assault vehicle and the withering gunfire of two of the security platoons in reserve. The second wave faltered when only half their number made it in before they were stopped by flames. The third wave merged with the second half of the second before it forced its way over the flames by using makeshift bridges from some nearby construction material. The fire from the defenders was beginning to falter, not from lack of fighting spirit but from a shortage of ammunition. It was at just that moment that Chehesti was inspired. “Sing! Sing, you <traditional Marine expression> children of <traditional Marine expression>! Sing the Imperial Anthem! Loud! Louder”
The third wave faltered, unsure of what it was up against in the oily, smoky, body-strewn courtyard, where visibility was now down to less than thirty feet, and where there now seemed to be more defenders than they thought. They might have regrouped and overrun the position, but the sky burst into deafening flames just outside the compound and the whump of fugpumps filled the air behind them. Talik’s voice came over the loudspeaker, “Rebel forces, we have you surrounded. Surrender now or die. One the count of ten, one, two, three, four…”
Shouts of dismay filled the courtyard, then, in ones, twos, and tens, the rebels dropped their weapons and called out in surrender.
“Maarik here, Colonel. 1st platoon, Alpha company is here, plus Force Code Monkey.”
“Force Code Monkey!?”
“Well, ma’am. When the signal squadron realized you were in trouble, every one of them confessed to being the one who chose the – um – offensive - sitrep code. I only had transport for a platoon of them, and you did order the guilty party to jump with us…”
“<tradional Marine expression> Force Code Monkey! All is forgiven! If there’s any one that needs an “Offensive” sitrep code, it’s me! Mop up the rest of the <traditional Marine expression> rebels before they get away. I’ve got a battle to fight dockside.”
The basic line of attack, refined by Executive Officer Vamiraah von Ritterkamp, rolled up both flanks of the rebel forces attacking the ships at the docks. Forced to fall back to a large city park just behind the docks, they were subjected to a vicious ortillery barrage from all naval assets in system.
The back of the resistance on the northern continent was completely crushed. Colonel Chehesti retained command of the 147th Imperial Army for four months until a replacement Army commanding officer arrived in system.

An excerpt from the official award commendation packet, hand-signed by every surviving member of the 147th Imperial Army:


The soldiers of the 147th Imperial Army unanimously recommend Colonel Chehesti for the highest of Imperial Honors. Her skill and actions saved us all from capture and execution at the hands of rebels, her courage and eloquence motivated us to fight back harder than we believed possible. Her personal bravery under fire kept our Headquarters compound from being overrun by odds of twenty to one. No one could be expected to fly into a mess like that and not only save the position, but crush the enemy at the same time. We have served our time in hell, and with your blessing, we will follow Colonel Chehesti back into hell any time You ask it of us. We humbly request that her inspiring words to us be made true, and that our unit become the 147th Imperial Army of Marines.”

The bureaucratic ramifications of this most unusual and surprising request took the Emperor and his advisors some time to ponder. Patrons of the Imperial Army were offended by the request to become Marines, which did nothing but rub salt in the wounds of a tremendous Army disaster. Political advisors, whether supporters or in opposition to the Emperor’s policies, were wary of someone with high military skills and the personal charisma to affect soldiers in that way. Traditionalists among the nobility were aghast to think that a foul-mouthed, uncouth commoner, totally unsuitable for promotion into the nobility, should be made a General Officer. Vids taken surreptiously by quick thinking members of the public relations platoon and later released by them without authorization, cemented Chehesti’s place among the citizenry of the Imperium and clearly documented her ability under fire. Strephon was much more pragmatic. Anyone who knew how to inspire that kind of spirit and loyalty, he wanted to learn from.
In the end, Emperor Strephon awarded Colonel Chehesti her fifth Starburst for Extreme Heroism, promoted her to General, and assigned her to become the Commander of the Imperial Household Marines on Core.
As for the transfer request by the 147th, this was his response, as read to the troops:

"Extreme situations require extreme measures. It is Our policy that Our Imperium is best served by those with the Skill, Honour, and Courage to turn Adversity into Victory."

"The traditional rivalries between Our military branches, when not overdone, are a source of pride for all who serve in the Armed Forces. Do not let this be considered an insult to the Imperial Army. This is the first time that a Marine – of any rank – much less such a highly decorated one – has ever publically acknowledged that an entire Imperial Army was up to Marine standards. I’m sure she will receive much good natured ribbing about it from her Marine colleagues and from Army officers for the rest of her life!"
"Therefore, in recognition of loyalty and comradeship under the most adverse of conditions, I hereby officially grant the request by the 147th Imperial Army – of Marines! <applause> Every soldier serving in the 147th Imperial Army under the acting command of Colonel Chehesti will, as of her assumption of command, be considered an Imperial Marine as well as a member of the Imperial Army. The 147th will be trained in both Army and Marine doctrine by a joint operations command set up for just that purpose."

"General Chehesti <roaring applause> will take command of all commando assets within the 147th Imperial Army of Marines for the immediate future. Her next assignment will be commander of the Imperial Household Marines here on Core. "

"Thank you all for your brave and devoted service to the Imperium!"

"Strephon, Emperor"

Quotations from the battle:

“Don’t be afraid, son. If you die today, you’ll die a Marine, and that will make your mama mighty proud. And if you live, it will get you mighty well laid, ‘cause that’s how heroes get treated in the Imperium. It’s win-win, either way!”
“Ma’am! Get Down! They’re shooting at us!”
“Of course they’re shooting at us. It’s their job! So be a good Marine and shoot right back, you hear? Show them how it’s done! Make your mama proud.”
“Make my mama proud?! I hate her! And she’s dead anyway!”
“Well, missy, if you don’t start fighting back real hard now, you’ll be seeing her in hell a good bit sooner than you planned.”
“Pull out? Are you kidding? We’re beating the <traditional Marine expression> out of them and they’re too stupid to know it! Why would I pull out when we’re going to win?”
“Ma’am, we’re really going to win this fight?”
“Of course we <traditional Marine expression> are! If things are going really bad, you’ve got to stand over the mortars and pee on them to cool’em down and keep’em from baking off.”
“But ma’am, we ain’t got no mortars to fire back with!”
“See! That proves it can’t get that bad! <shoots a rebel breaking cover> Things really start getting smoother once you kill the other fellow, try it.”

david.wendelken April 7th, 2010 10:46 PM

1095 MCUF + PH General Imaah Chehesti was an off-duty guest at the Emperor’s Birthday pool party in the Imperial Palace on Core/Core. She noticed several of the Imperial bodyguards change their physical demeanor, as if they were trying to re-tune their communication implants at the same time. Her combat instincts were alerted and she immediately moved towards the Emperor. She identified the one person approaching the Emperor in a purposeful manner and leapt between them, without regard for her own life; taking two shots in the shoulder and stomach from a gauss pistol built into an iridium liquor flask. Despite her wounds she took the assailant to the ground and subdued the assassin with both legs and her good arm until the Secret Service staff intervened. Her quick thinking and selfless performance of her duty are a credit to the Corps.

Quote from news feeds of the event:
Looking down at her blood-covered, bikini-clad chest, she said, “<traditional Marine expression> Vids! Why are there always <traditional Marine expression> vids when I’m not in uniform?!” Then, in a cool, professional voice, she informed the assassin, “Imaah bloody Chehesti, General of Imperial Marines and you are under arrest.”

david.wendelken April 7th, 2010 10:47 PM

1099 SEH A grav Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) from the assault force was disabled by rebel ground fire and forced to crash-land inside their perimeter, injuring all inside. General Chehesti, participating as an observer, ordered her command vehicle, the only vehicle free to respond, to provide low-altitude covering fire. (Command grav carriers are loaded with extra communications gear instead of heavier weapons.) After her own vehicle was seriously hit, she ordered it to withdraw and leapt down to the disabled vehicle to provide a point defense. Her calm voice, calling in ortillery strikes with unerring precision while she held off multiple waves of attackers with accurate fire from her FGMP, grenades, and at last resort, with her gauss pistol at close quarters, was an inspiration to all her comrades. Her actions saved the lives of six of the nine soldiers in the APC.

From the communications transcript:

Gen. Chehesti:
“Priority 2 Strike. High Explosive rounds, Starburst Configuration, 10 Meters Elevation. Centerpoint on my transponder beacon. Fire For Effect. Over.”

Lt. Armestor:
“Ma’am! That’s right on you! Are you sure?!”

Gen. Chehesti:
“Son, it’s the Emperor’s birthday today, and I’m in the mood to celebrate with a fireworks display. Fire For Effect. Over.”

david.wendelken April 7th, 2010 10:47 PM

Civilian Career

1092-99 Board of Directors, Orphans of Imperial Military Parents.
1105 Her book, “Off My Chest!” became an instant best seller among servicemen and veterans across the Imperium.
1105-present Freelance travelling spokesman for Instellarms.

david.wendelken April 7th, 2010 10:48 PM

I hope you all enjoy General Imaah Chehesti. :)

Copyright 2009, David Wendelken, permission freely granted for personal gaming use.

david.wendelken April 8th, 2010 06:32 PM

So, for the readers among you who pay close attention to what you read, what two weapons do you have reasonable evidence that Imaah Chehesti possesses upon her retirement?

Vargr April 9th, 2010 03:28 AM

A FGMP and a Gauss Pistol?

She used both in 1099, well after her retirement and they where both refered to as "hers".

david.wendelken April 9th, 2010 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Vargr (Post 346940)
A FGMP and a Gauss Pistol?

She used both in 1099, well after her retirement and they where both refered to as "hers".

"Hers" in the sense of using it at that moment...

But you're still half right, but with a different weapon. :D

BlackBat242 April 9th, 2010 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by Vargr (Post 346940)
A FGMP and a Gauss Pistol?

She used both in 1099, well after her retirement and they where both refered to as "hers".

Actually, the first post says her retirement was "Date: 002-1105", so she had 5 years left when the action you state occurred.


Originally Posted by david.wendelken (Post 346892)
The marines of the 77th Marine Flight Assault Squadron installed the original, lovingly maintained “Laser of Love” on the vessel’s starship’s hard point and her “parents”, the active duty and retired marines of the 117th Orbital Assault Regiment, now nicknamed “Chesty’s Own”, totally refurbished the vessel to be suitable for a Sector Admiral’s quarters.

Despite Dave's oversight in not mentioning the exact type of ship, or even whether she got it as a "mustering-out benefit"*, I suspect that this was a scout/courier, as her assignment was to the "312th Scout Explorer Fleet", as "Marine Liason Officer, Vargr Extents".
At least, the "ship's laser" (from the fighter she won her first SEH in) seems to have become her personal property.

*(I suspect that she did, as having been on assignment with the Scouts this final term, she would get 1 roll on their table... and a roll of 5 or 6 {due to her rank} would get a S/C)

The other weapon is indeed a "gauss pistol"...

Originally Posted by david.wendelken (Post 346892)
a gauss pistol built into an iridium liquor flask.

She is noted as being in possession of this item after her retirement ceremony:

Originally Posted by david.wendelken (Post 346892)
The enlisted men and Marine officers roared out enthusiastically as General Chehesti left the podium and started working her way through the crowd, shaking hands or hugging those who came up to her, in between taking swigs from an iridium flask.

I submit, however, two other weapons she is never without... as illustrated here:

david.wendelken April 9th, 2010 09:51 PM

You are completely abreast of the facts. :D

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