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MCutter March 7th, 2013 02:14 PM

Crew of 500
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There was a recent request for a crew.
> My players recently acquired a Ghalalk-class cruiser, and I was hoping if someone
> knew of a quicker quicker way of generating the crew than rolling each one up
> individually"

So I prepared a system that generates "plausible" NPCs.

Here you have 500 NPCs with different names and numbers.
(The list has have 200 anglic, 40 nordic, 100 german, 100 hispanic and 60 vilanie names.)

There are 60 Navy-Officers, 60 Navy-Flight, 60 Navy-Eng/Gun, and 60 Navy-Crew.
There are additional 50 Marines-Support, 50 Marines-Star Marine, 50 Marines-Officer, and 50 Marines-Ground Assault.
And there are additional 20 Citizen-Worker, 20 Citizen-Corporate, and 20 Citizen-Colonist for cooking and other civilian duties.

Mrs. Dagmar Albrecht (Nr.14) should be a good captain.
It is not perfect but you should be able to adjust it to your needs.

Have Fun

robject March 7th, 2013 02:52 PM

One way, which I've not tried but "might" work, is to map the UPP to a name and a couple of skill specialties.

Theoretically, you could claim a "contiguous" block of 500 UPPs and get 500 different NPCs. Hey, I like that idea so much I'm going to write it up.

Barsanuphius March 25th, 2013 02:50 PM


arentol July 4th, 2013 03:17 AM

I can't think of any reason to do this. (Not that there is no reason, I just can't think of one.). I do have one issue with it.... Your crew is way too old. I don't think using "regular" generation methods make sense unless you limit that in some way. A naval crew should be like 35% first term, 25% second, 15% third, 10% fourth, 8% fifth, 6% 6th and 1% 7th. No 8th or 9th at all on a ship that size.

That being said... What I would probably do is define just a few characters that I intended to use as actual NPC's in the game (section chiefs, some people that work with the players a lot, etc). For the rest I would have a list of names on hand in case I need them. Otherwise I would do nothing ahead of time....

During the game, if at any time I needed to have a crew members stats for a particular action, I would roll 6+positive flux for the relevant stat (this is for a naval ship, 5+ for "normal" ships.) and positive flux for relevant skill level (0 if the skill is unrelated to their "job", -1 for a non-naval ship). Then I would resolve the task with that information. If I expected there was any chance the character would be needed more in the current encounter I would put the stat and skill information next to one of the names on my list. If more skills were needed from this NPC I would repeat the above, but subtract 1 from the stat roll for each 2 stats, or portion thereof already determined (so -1 for 2nd and 3rd rolls, -2 for 4th and 5th, -3 for 6th), and do similar with skills, except it would be -1 for every 3 total skill points identified. Seems complex, but 90% of the time I won't need to do more than the first part, just define the C+S randomly and roll against it.

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