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Andrew Boulton March 19th, 2008 03:13 PM

Lost in Translation


This is Free Trader Beowulf,
calling anyone. . .
Mayday, Mayday. . . we are under
attack. . . main drive is gone. .
turret number one not responding . . .
Mayday. . . losing cabin pressure
fast. . .calling anyone. . .please help. . .
This is Free Trader Beowulf. . .
Mayday. . .


The free publicity mattered of Beowulf is, is called no, those. Of May
the 1, in the first place subordinates to May the attacks to us, of
that the general movement that was the title of the rotation, of that
one we did not answer of May the 1 we did not concern the press of the
fast indication of the Schlussen of the registry, because this we
requested the attention. The publicity of Beowulf is freely... Of May
the 1.

far-trader March 19th, 2008 03:20 PM

Fun little ap I think I'd run across before :)

Running the quote from Firefly...


Hold on Travellers
...through it twice in succession yields:


It continues in Traveller
Seemed kinda cool to me.

I'd count that one as a Gained in Translation ;)

castiglione March 19th, 2008 03:47 PM

"Vixen the fast brown has the proper ramificata on the sluggish dog."

The result when I babelized "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" into Portuguese and then back to English.

Gallowglacht March 19th, 2008 06:45 PM

I like Traveller>>Esteem sistemazione.

"That's life" ran through a few times became;
The advantage of the name of the advantage of examinaci_n the
component of the number that the internal work begins is slow in this
function of europ_ia, if it is the method, because the relatives of
sichtbarmachung of the component, of which with the savage and the
collapse if that that visualized, since then that this 1 waited for,
obvious divided the buttock of the pieces, the end to him to announce,
examinación of fêz with the right of the characteristic of the true
state of the dowry of the version of the left, is the good situation
of f_z the total of an amount the furnace of ingualmente of Tsuga in
the number of the paginations, if the possibility or, that it is the
edge, this one the edge, so that this part of the left forms the
number of the work this conclem with the component of the temporary
one of examinaci_n, if, because selects, dispersion 11 of the then
functions saws to the buttock similar of the zone of seghe that this
blind person the edge he work to the interior in the paginations of
the number of the function and the interest if it takes to traverse,
ingualmente comes from the title equal the 1 supplies one of the law
of the member, about that the physical dowry, that ordered he worried
therefore around the manual about the step, here relatives, where the
economic community, relative is ingualmente, of which that is or,',
the trunk of the chain, f_z in the restoration nonupdated that the
material with this whole use luxurioese of the doctor of the CH, that
conclem, are he directs them of the left receives used to the control
of the disc of the valve

And carries on producing more and more gibberish.
It's quite addictive.....

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