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Jame May 6th, 2008 10:26 AM

I myself was hoping for someone to GM.

Barring that, however, if someone was willing to start us off I could be talked into GM-alternating.

Gadrin May 6th, 2008 04:59 PM

I might be interested in GMing a One-Off to get you guys going.

I've got a basic outline in my head, give me a day or two to see if it holds
water or not. Then I'll post the intro write-up.

If you don't like it, you can veto it.

MacTrom May 6th, 2008 06:08 PM

sounds good. how does the pbp work?

Klaus May 6th, 2008 06:09 PM

I would be interested in GMing a game, using MGT/CT as it's core, but I could not possibly start for at least a month.

I have a scenario already half prepared and loads of background material as part of work done on the Spica Project that should run quite well over PBP. It would be a murder-mystery on the borders of the Hive Federation and the Solomani Confederation with players as a joint-team investigating on behalf of their respective governments.

However, I have a looming govt inspection at college and right now I'm having to write all the paperwork my predecessor neglected to do before I took over. So until that's done with and I can tell the college to feck off when it wants my free time I couldn't commit yet.

But anyone interested......? :)

The Hinterworlds Rambler May 6th, 2008 07:55 PM


Could we at least roll up characters while we wait?

Gadrin May 6th, 2008 09:32 PM

Well here's what I came up with so far, let me know if it's interesting...


Feri/Regina (Spinward Marches 2005)
Classic Era (1108)

Starport B Good: Spacecraft Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size 3 Small (4,800 km)
Atmosphere 8 Dense
Hydrographics 4 Wet World 40%
Population 8 Moderate (00 million)
Government 7 Balkanization
Law 9 High Law (no weapons out of home)
Tech Level B Average Stellar (large starships)

Feri has been embroiled in a world-wide war since 1105. According to the
official story some of the nations want Feri to leave the Imperium and are
fighting the nations that want to stay, but there must be more to the story than
that, because the Imperium has only lent the friendly nations a few paltry army
divisions, and the war itself remains unresolved after more than a decade and
shows no sign of being resolved any time soon. If anything, the Imperium
-friendly nations seem to be losing. The whole planet is a battleground, with
areas of low-intensity guerrilla conflict and occasional hotspots of open

It's a mystery why the Travellers' Aid Society has not awarded Feri Amber Zone
status long ago.

Feri, a balkanized world, harbored severe animosity towards the Third Imperium
long before the Rebellion. A world war erupted in 1105 between an Anti-Imperial
alliance of five nations, and the two most powerful loyalist nations. Despite
massive military aid, the Imperial factions were on the verge of collapse by the
time of the Rebellion. News of Strephon's assassination caused massive
celebrations, and the Domain of Deneb lost control of the world for a short
period of time. Unfortunately for the locals, Vargr corsair raids quickly
punctured the initial euphoria, and by 1122 they were begging for DoD
assistance. During the Final Adjustment period of the Quarantine, all seven of
Feri's nations signed a peace accord with the new Regency, and are either member
states or at least client states.

This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and
used under license from Far Future Enterprises and by permission of the author.
Peter Gray Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Online Retrieved from

Type of Adventure: One-off. I'll GM one game, then pass the baton
onto the next GM.

Recommended Character Types: (minimum of 2; maximum of 6 players)

At least one starship or spacecraft pilot with normal space
piloting and navigation skills. Someone with sensory-ops & comm abilities is
nice too. No need for their own craft. Should also be able to handle
spacewalks and working on ships in space including cargo swapping.

Posting Frequency: 3 times per week, weekends are deemed "off"
unless you happen to find someone posting, which could happen. Or the group
prefers to game on weekends.

Current Situation: The players begin on Feri 229-1108. Right now
local hostilities are at a low-point with diplomacy being conducted and working
-- so far. The players are at the starport and enjoying a few days in-between
jumps, and in the long-term, headed to Regina.

Beginning Scene: bar on Feri's Zutril Downport. The bar is
on the 2nd floor of a building with an enormous view of the surrounding
area, including the western port Tarmac is situated here. The players are
having drinks talking over "old times" (at least the pilot and someone
who has spaceflight experience are; the rest may be elsewhere). During
the last exchange, a discussion about spacewalking, a vargr sitting alone
at a nearby table, perks up his ears just as the PCS finish their
sentence. He immediately retrieves a hand-communicator and whispers in
vargr into it. He continues on for about a minute, puts it away then
approaches the players.

"Excuse, I hear you schpeak of schpace crawl," he says in broken Galanglic. "Me
have friend need you," pointing to both characters. You have to give him this,
despite his poor accent, he dresses fairly well: a sport-jacket with a
dark turtleneck and nice, dark, vargr retrograde boots. "Friend on roof.
You come ?" He points up, retrieves a toothpick and begins working the teeth
of his wolf -like snout.

It's a 6-story elevator ride and he doesn't say anything more.

Up on the roof is an open-air restaurant that's not obvious to those on the
ground. The restaurant is called the Overlook; built to cater to an
outdoorsy atmosphere and gives a clear 2000+ meter view of the
western tarmac of the starport. Scores of ships are lined up, some
getting service from ground-crews, others just sitting. Nice view and
expensive cuisine.

The vargr leads you to the table of a rather fat, but equally well-tailored
human, in a conventional business suit, who smiles and stands when he spots
his wolfie friend.

"Greebly Farnham at your service gentlemen," he extends his hand and will whole
-heartedly pump yours like an old-lady at a casino in the middle of a
winning streak with a one-armed bandit. "Fuzzy -- my driver -- tells me you're
certified spacemen ?" He then offers empty chairs to you while Fuzzy
stands nearby, arms crossed, working his toothpick sans hands...


Klaus May 6th, 2008 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by Baron Saarthuran (Post 260656)

Could we at least roll up characters while we wait?

Ideally half the players would be from the Hive Fed team (tho not necessarily hivers!), and the other half SolSec.

I'd like to use MGT style chargen tho Book 1 type's would also do as we could add/mod skills as needed. I will have to come up with some tailored 'Life Events' tables too.

One main difference: Sollie characters would replace SOC with PARTY STANDING, and HF ones with CULTURAL CREDIT, both rolled on 1D6. Every term served adds 1, as do promotions. Life Events will also add.

I also want to borrow something from the Burning Wheel: Each character will have 3 Beliefs, which will help define personality and setting goals, and 3 Instincts, which are like automatic on/off switches, like "Always have rope", or "Never put on a Vac Suit without checking the air supply".

In the meantime, Gadrin's scenario looks quite tasty. Wish I had time to play right now.

Jame May 7th, 2008 11:51 AM

I would like to play in Gadrin's game, but I must ask what form of character generation is acceptable.

As for Klaus's game, well, I think I'm most interested in an Imperial game.

Gadrin May 7th, 2008 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Jame (Post 260758)
I would like to play in Gadrin's game, but I must ask what form of character generation is acceptable.

As for Klaus's game, well, I think I'm most interested in an Imperial game.

It'll be a rules-lite type of game. I'm most familiar with GURPS Traveller but have the CT cd-rom. You can roll up a CT or MT character and I'll use the tables in GT to convert to my vision. So you can play your character in your system and basically I tell you what happens.

I'll be controlling the dice rolling, unless you feel violated, in which case I'll let you handle that.

Imperial and Imperial allies are probably best, but say you've got a fondness for the T20 Sybrites (? 4 armed giants which I don't have any stats for) I really don't see a problem, as long as you can tell me how they function in game-terms. Darrians are fine, or things like Droyne-Sport who's come to Imperial space to be the best man at an old trader-friend's wedding :oo::D

I tend to avoid nobles, since I feel they make better NPCs, but GURPS offers the "Remittance Man" template for the noble who's paid to stay away. No reason why that can't fit a CT or other type of game system PC.

It won't be a big production, more like standard Imperial adventure. No invasions by Imperial Marines or Zhodani commandos.

I've requested at least two spacer PCs but there's nothing preventing having more. I'd prefer no Rambo-types (always walking around in armor with an assault rifle handy), but having a military background is fine.

I'm doing this to help you guys kick-start a PBP. Hopefully you'll get into enough and be able to suggest in what direction the next one should head.


The Hinterworlds Rambler May 7th, 2008 03:32 PM

Should we all vote?


Megatraveller or CT generation (or some other)

For general place of Character Origin. (Sols, Imperials, etc.)


Both Adventures look great. We could start with Gadrin, and then go on to Klaus' when ready, as long as we can agree on the preliminaries.

I vote for MT generation, with Imperial Characters.

I haven't run an MT character since 91 or so (?) and I think any other type of government, while interesting, might be too big a distraction for a game like this.

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