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Matt123 March 11th, 2015 10:43 AM

CT Ship Builder
Designs Book 2 ships, Book 5 High Guard ships and small craft. Also enables saving your designs and printing them out as a pdf.

The design algorithms should be correct. I have had a handful of gamers look at it and anything spotted has been fixed. If you spot a bug, feel free to either post it here or email me. At this early stage avoid big projects coding up every CT ship. The database *should* be stable, but if I break it and lose hours of your work, you won't be happy...

Changing tech level impacts several other options (eg computer, screens, weapons). Submitting the page will re-set those values. Alternatively, selecting a cell and hitting enter is equivalent to hitting submit. Auto responding to tech level changes is the next thing on my todo list, give or take any bugs that might be highlighted here over the next couple of weeks.

I have some ideas on where I want to take this, but I'm interested in your 2Cr as well. For example a better text format than the Book 2 version could be worth discussing - what would it look like?

Given feedback I've seen elsewhere I'm going to mention that I'm here to enjoy myself while dabbling in a great hobby, in good company. If you are of the view feedback is best served harsh and bitter, I will merely place you on my ignore list.

I hope you enjoy this CT Ship Builder and I hope the learning curve isn't too great :-) Feedback on that pain point will be useful too...


Shonner March 12th, 2015 08:15 AM

I didn't see a counter that showed the total of d-Tons left unused/unfilled. For when fuel tanks or cargo do not fill up the rest of a ship. Or maybe it is somewhere I just didn't see. Anyway, this is one of the best online ship builders I've run into in years, if not decades.

BillDowns March 12th, 2015 02:07 PM

This supports LBB2, right? I don't see Drives A or B.

Matt123 March 12th, 2015 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by BillDowns (Post 503862)
This supports LBB2, right? I don't see Drives A or B.

The algorithm is correct, new ships initially start with a tonnage of 600 ton which in Book 2 has a range of drives from C to V. In addition the starting tech is TL12 which allows a maximum jump drive of N (Book 3). Meaning the Jump Drive options are correctly filtered to be from C to N. If registered you can also see that the Free Trader and Scout have the correct drive options.

But you raise a useability problem. 600 ton and TL12 as default values are just arbitrary numbers that suited during development. Defaults that appear intuitive without having to pull the rulebook out would make more sense. I will change them to 200 ton and TL15 over the weekend.

**edit** change made 14 Mar 2015

Matt123 March 12th, 2015 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by Shonner (Post 503840)
I didn't see a counter that showed the total of d-Tons left unused/unfilled. For when fuel tanks or cargo do not fill up the rest of a ship. Or maybe it is somewhere I just didn't see. Anyway, this is one of the best online ship builders I've run into in years, if not decades.

Ta :-)

There is a running total at the top of the Tonnage column that you may have missed. It shows total used, rather than total left so it might not be quite what you are after. Take a look and if you think there is still a need, drop another post here.

Shonner March 13th, 2015 12:19 AM

I see it now. Just didn't read far enough down.

simonh March 14th, 2015 08:52 AM

Very nice. Here's my first design. Needs a little bit of tweaking. I also found it awkward that there isn't a display of unused tonnage, and finding the total of used tonnage wasn't obvious. It might be nice to state the amount of excess tonnage in the warning when you configure too much as well. Minor fix-ups though, I'm impressed.

UPDATE - I've revised the design since initial post. 3 Workshops aren't showing up in the ship summary. I configured 1 laser and 1 missile battery, leading to an allocation of 2 gunners, but the ship is described as unarmed. A summary of the crew requirement (roles and numbers) is really needed.

As for the design, it has 3 staterooms and 3 workshops at 4dt each as labs for scientific staff. I also doubled the pp fuel to allow for extended duration surveys. Cargo would probably be split with one 4dt special storage facility for samples, possibly capable of supporting some live specimens. I'd allow 6dt for that, leaving 15dt for regular cargo. That would be taken up by mission specific gear such as equipment for setting up a temporary research base, survey satellites, seismic survey gear, probes to be launched from the missile launcher or whatever else might be needed.
The Scout-Heavy Long Range Scout is the first unit in its class (0 actually built). It is a civilian design with a construction tech level of 14. Its 300 ton hull is of the Flattened Sphere configuration; it is streamlined and capable of atmospheric work (hull cost, including 20% discount for Flattened Sphere configuration: MCr24.0). The ship carries no armor. Fuel scoops are present (MCr0.3).

A bridge (20.0 tons; MCr1.5) and a computer model 4 (4.0 tons; MCr30.0; 2 energy points).

The ship is jump-4 (15 tons; MCr60), maneuver-2 (15 tons; MCr10.5), and power plant-4 (24 tons; MCr72). The power plant provides 12 energy points.

Fuel tankage provides 144 tons of fuel. 120 tons enables a 4 parsec jump range and a further 24 tons is sufficient for 8 weeks of operations. There is a fuel purification plant (4.0 tons; MCr0.03).

The ship is un-armed.

The ship carries no screens.

Ship's vehicles include; One Air/raft, with 4.0 ton of garage space.

The crew numbers 6. The ship carries 6 staterooms (24.0 tons; MCr3).

A cargo hold of 21.0 tons is provided.

The ship has an agility of 0; it has an emergency agility of 2.

Matt123 March 14th, 2015 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by simonh (Post 503978)
... lots of good stuff...

Awesome, ta. I'll look to tackle these in the next day or so :-)

Matt123 March 15th, 2015 04:34 AM

Hey Simon,

I've recreated the ship to pin down the bugs/improvements.
  • warning message, state amount tonnage is exceeded by
  • text description, mixed turrets are not being picked up (claiming unarmed).
  • text description, mission specialists should get full staterooms on civilian craft
  • text description, mission specialists and passengers (probably also troops) are not mentioned in the text description
  • text description, workshops not appearing in the text description
  • text description, expand the crew description to provide more detail
  • text description, total cost doesn't appear in text description (duh...)

Arse... More than I thought, but virtually all in the text description and none relate to the integrity of the calculation. They will be relatively easy to fix and I'll slot them in while I'm sorting out the tech level update mechanism. That means around next weekend for the update.

Regards 'unused tonnage', I'm not sure I see the need yet. Is it because the running total isn't obvious when you first start using the builder or because you find unused tonnage is more intuitive?

simonh March 15th, 2015 06:34 AM

If you let me know when these are done I'll do a check.

Once you know where to look for the tonnage total it's not an issue, but I think most users will assume there's an unused total somewhere and search all over the UI for it.

I understand why you put the tonnage and cost totals where you did, but I'd intuitively expect them to be at the bottom. Where they are now they look like they are part of the Universal Ship Profile. Maybe put them in a heading section of their own? I'd also consider moving the whole USP section down to the bottom instead of in between the Class and Hull sections. The USP is a summary and not actually part of the design sequence, whereas the Class section is where you specify hull size, TL and configuration which all affect the actual design of the ship just as much as Hull, Bridge, etc and should be contiguous with them.

I'm being very picky, it's a great app and makes putting a ship together extremely simple and a lot of fun. What are you plans regarding saving designs? Something simple like JSON file upload/download would be enough to start with.

Simon Hibbs

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