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Drakon September 5th, 2015 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by nobby-w (Post 512257)

If you have a dense population like (say) the Southeast of England then the sheer traffic density makes getting around by car quite slow. Public transport - especially a well developed train system - is by far the easiest way to get around in London and parts of the surrounding country. This is also the case in various American cities, New York being perhaps the best example.

At the other end of the scale the rural areas of (say) Australia, New Zealand or parts of the U.S. or Canada are very sparsely populated. Even the cities can be very spread out. Public transport is much less cost-effective in areas like this, so cars will be prevalent.

Possibly what will evolve is some smaller form of personal transport. At higher tech levels, we get grav belts (TL=10). You won't need a whole car, just a suit, perhaps like a set of biker leathers, some folks might go all spandexy. But the problem with traffic is 1) 2D at present, and 2) the size of car. Shrinking the vehicle, and adding the 3rd dimension should do a lot to alievating the problem.


Teaching someone to fly safely is much harder than teaching them to drive. There was a flying car that was brought to market sometime in the 1950s (there's plenty of video about it). Even then, it apparently needed about 8 separate sets of licensing and paperwork to operate. The bureaucracy surrounding flying will be much more complex than driving.
a big chunk of this bureaucracy is necessary, due to the fact gravity always works. If you crash a car, you are still close to the road. A crashed aircraft ends up on somebody's land, or house or stuff

Auto-driving is unlikely to ever be mandatory, although cars might well have an auto-drive capability. Automated taxis might, however, be quite a cheap service in cities and probably fairly popular because of this.
That would depend on law level. But couple an Uber type app with self driving cars and that might be a good business for an upper tech level city.

Until the grav belt franchise opens up. :)

Condottiere September 5th, 2015 03:42 PM

Someone may think you're trying to spy on his wife while she's sunbathing, without bothering to use a drone, so trespass could be an issue, especially combined with someone standing their ground.

Sifu Blackirish September 5th, 2015 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by kilemall (Post 516077)
I asked a relative about future exoplanetary chemical processing since he's a chemical engineer, my inquiries about planets without oxygenation events didn't get very far (much less alternative base chemistry mass changes), but he did say pretty much any chemical processing needs a lot of water. So that should be a factor for any 'chemical' planet.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Just fiddled with the description a little more and came up with this...

Wells were drilled to extract subsurface water for plant operations. Insufficient amounts caused the creation of a water pipeline to the large sea and reverse osmosis processing used to extract unwanted minerals.

Use of industrial water and a gradual cooling of the ecosphere causing water lost to permafrost has gradually reduced the hydrographic percentage, now 37 percent but not officially recognized.

Desert encroachment has made the environment increasingly arid and unsuitable for growth of Terran plants without sealed greenhouses.

Winds aloft produce severe traveling dust storms.

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