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Merxiless September 18th, 2008 10:31 PM

Spinward Soujourn - OOC Setup
At the Request of cybertraveller (our Referee), from our recent SKYPE chat, starting this thread as the setup / organization / ad hoc planning committee for the Spinward Soujourn Campaign to be run via openRPG and Skype.

I guess what needs to be done is a kind of brainstorming of ideas and concepts, where we toss into the mix the various potential characters we have, need and want for the group, so that we are ready to go by next Thursday evening's game.

For my part, I'll generate a few characters, each with potential hooks from events and such, and share them here, as they are generated.

What We Know So Far:

The Referee has proposed the following, more or less...We are in a free trader, trying to make payments, and have just arrived at Alenzar (Foreven 3229), a low population asteroid belt a few jumps from the Spinward Marches sector.

The referee has stated that the storyline is open to diverge in any direction that we want to take it.

My understanding is that we are working for Instarspec, some kind of corporation, shipping a small to medium size load of mining equipment to perhaps the main C class starport or a lesser spaceport in the belt(s) of the Alenzar system.

3229 Alenzar C000414-9

I'm interested to see what we can come up with.

cybertraveller September 19th, 2008 01:58 AM

Cool thread Merxiless!

Wow, after having had a look at some Gurps information on Traveller, I can understand how there can be so many differing opinions regarding cannon in the threads out there in the world of cyberspace!

That said, this game's definitely going to deviate from much of that info and become OTU (our Traveller universe), so we will be able to pick and choose from all of the coolness out there to create a history of our own.

Sooo then, regarding starting info...

Your leasing contract:

Your beautiful, state of the art Free Trader costs a mere 36,567,000 credits, and at a 10% markup for leasing services, your total becomes 40,223,700 credits.

Your 5 year lease brings the monthly payment to 328,930 credits.

You may not use mining equipment, robots, screen scraping devices, or similar gathering and extraction tools on this ship except with our express written consent. Access to our systems are logged continuously.

Lease end options:

1. You may purchase your vessel at the lease end value indicated on your contract
2. You may return the vessel as provided in your lease
3. You may lease or finance another Delta vessel

Delta Financial Services offers convenient financing and great rates should you choose to purchase your vessel at the end of your lease.

Delta Financial Services - 'Bringing you closer to the stars'

Icosahedron September 19th, 2008 03:16 AM

Sorry to butt in and hijack your thread, guys, but I'm interested in how your leasing system works. Any chance you could PM me with details, or put them up on another thread?

Merxiless September 19th, 2008 03:48 AM

Proposed PC # 1

Ren Fournier, Age 34

Scout (Explorer), 2 Terms
Drifter (Scavenger/Salvager), 1 Term, Wounded
Scholar (Scientist), 1 Term

END 9 (+1)
INT A (+1)
SOC 5 (-1)


Proposed (Non-Canon, i.e. rolled up) Homeworld:

Ostrov C431576-9 Ni, Po
Temperate, Extremely Arid climate, Very Thin Atmosphere.
pop 200,000 (Small domed colony sites)
3 major factions in government.

Ren's Skills:
Energy Rifle-2
Engineering (Power)-1
Gun Combat-0
Physical Sciences(Physics)-1
Pilot(Small Craft)-0
Social Science-0
Vacc Suit-1

Ally in the Imperium (Related to Intel scout mission, 14 years ago)

Enemy (Either in the Scouts, or some type or Pirate, from ambush 8 years ago.)

Ship Share (perhaps an investment, now a working opportunity.)

Laser Rifle

Tie-Able Events:
14 years ago:
As a Scout, new to the service fresh out of training, at age 20, dealt with an alien world, possible Amber Zone or Red. Some type of intelligence or reconaissance mission. Though he was not trained in sensors, or deception, Ren's team was extremely lucky, and was not spotted, or discovered. Mission successful, he was removed from probationary Status, and made full scout, and made an ally in the Imperium.

8 years ago:
As an experienced scout, lost his scout ship in an ambush. Scout Ship Destroyed in Transit back to the Front from a Training Command. Mustered out of the Scouts as a result.

Merxiless September 19th, 2008 04:05 AM

Right off the bat, I've got a serious question re: the lease.

Is this lease, lease, i.e rent, and at the end of 5 years we return it?t

That isn't clear.

Or is it rent to own i.e we pay it off at 40 mil total.

Not trying to Nitpick here but if we are just renting this, pfft write off our investment and get a cheaper ship.

Do we have any equity in the ship already?

My Proposed PC # 1 has one share. I think I saw some errata somewhere regarding shares, But i can't recall offhand where that was at. How does that figure into the lease. As 1%?

I realize the lease jazz is fluff, to drive the plot as a timeclock/moneyclock.
I don't mind lean and hungry, just seems to me like we might have done / do better in some old broken down millennium falcon et al rust bucket that is constantly needing parts, and wookie maintenance.


Pressing on to Proposed PC # 2. maybe this can become a pool for the players to select from if they don't have time to gen up a PC, or future players, if someone departs, etc.

Pretty jazzed to be able to actually Play, as I usually Referee.

- Merx

KAYOLAN 3000 September 19th, 2008 08:13 AM

My character is almost finished. I'll post his info soon. :)

cybertraveller September 19th, 2008 11:22 AM

Yeah in terms of the lease Icosahedron, I went to a car lease estimate thread and punched in some numbers, and since they wouldn't let me lease a 40 million dollar car, I had to add some zeros afterwards.

Good questions Merxiless

It's a standard lease with buy back options, which we can iron out as we go.

Basically it amounts to huge cargo space, high cost, and a ship that gets the party motivated to improve their curcumstances.

The equivilent of starting with crappy armor and a pony, etc.

CosmicGamer September 19th, 2008 11:45 AM

I tried rolling up a Navy character and I got what seams to be a trend for me, someone who gets melee(blade) skills every term of service and an additional one upon mustering out (rolled weapon twice). This reminded me of Countess Admiral Francisca Jane Mckee and I'm wondering if I can somehow adjust her Bio and personality a little to create a leader for the group. She is a 7 term character and a bit more powerful than the one I just rolled. Don't know if she would be too much, too imbalanced for the group, but I guess the leader should be a bit more...

Anyways, it would go something like this. Using her last term event of a betrayal, she was the sacrificial lamb who, although following orders to attack the enemy, and doing so with overwhelming success, was a pawn used in negotiating peace. She was given a dishonorable discharge from the Navy, given no retirement benefits, stripped of her honorary noble title, all to make it look like the entire attack was her doing. She is mad and bitter and has left the Imperium. Throw out the blade champion and tournament stuff and change it to climbing the ranks by challenging superiors to duals and maintaining discipline with the tip of her blade.

Some of the personality change will be someone a little rash (will need a trusted 2nd in command who will advise her and point out, carefully and with great tact, when she may need to step back and think things through), quick to resort to violence, and easily angered.

What do you think? We may go through crew quickly (hopefully just NPC red shirts who tick her off) and we will need a steward who knows how to get out blood stains.

cybertraveller September 19th, 2008 12:30 PM

I think that's a steller character concept CosmicGamer

cybertraveller September 19th, 2008 12:38 PM

Game info:

The setting begins as your group makes its way into the Alenzar system, which is in the Reidan subsector, just outside the Darrian subsector of the Spinward Marches.

Aside from the asteroid belt (C000414-9), the system contains one uninhabited, somewhat earth-like planet.

Mineral exploitation has been the principle interest in this system, and your group now approaches the InStarSpec asteroid colony starport with your delivery of mining equipment - and an array of light pleasure drugs and stimulants requested by your contact, and designated as 'foodstuffs' in your official logs.

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