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flykiller October 12th, 2015 03:22 PM


Anyone who's ever been on a ship knows that things go wrong.
Roll (d6)(d6) to find a point on the matrix, then (d6) as
necessary for any options.

(11)firefighting system begins leaking in
(engineering) (the bridge) (the berthing spaces)
(the lounge) (the cargo bay) (the boat deck)
(12)failing hull pressure boundary gasket at
(the main airlock)(the bridge window)
(the cargo hatch)(the ship's umbilical connection)
(an external electrical connection conduit) (fuel tank intake)
(13)failed engineering gasket leaking
(H2)(O2)(H2O)(control air)(oil)(hydraulic fluid)
(14)loss of air recirc in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(15)over-pressurization in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(16)loss of power in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(21)(partial loss)(full loss)(partial reversal)
(full reversal)(lateral misalignment)(longitudinal misalignment)
of gravitics in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(22)fire in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(23)sensor suite out of calibration resulting in
(ghost images)(objects not detected)(incorrect analysis)
(contradictory information)(shortened range)(gunnery inaccuracy)
(24)bridge malfunction resulting in
(navigation errors)(misjump)(misdirected comms)(loss of all comms)
(loss of remote engineering control)(loss of flight control)
(25)computer malfunction resulting in
(shutdown)(spontaneous initiation of engineering functions)
(incorrect alarms)(incorrect warnings)(lockdown)
(selection of incorrect jump coordinates)
(26)comms fail from
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(31)nanite infection in the
(jump drives)(maneuver drives)(power plant)
(computer)(life support)(fuel purifier)
(32)imbalanced power plant loading resulting in
(aura visible about overloaded towers)
(overheating of underloaded towers)(excessive radiation)
(overpressurization of fuel tank)(backflow into fuel purifier)
(damage to overloaded towers)
(33)imbalanced jump drives resulting in
(non-indicated misjump)(damaged jump rating)
(rainbow visible about jump drives)
(unconsciousness if jump drives approached)
(damaged gravitic compensators) (computer malfunctions)
(34)imbalanced maneuver drives resulting in
(widespread space sickness)(hunting)(reversed controls)
(side effects in gravitic compensators)
(excessive pitch, yaw, or rolling)(local misjump)
(35)medical emergency in
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(36)small creature loose in
(the cargo bay)(engineering)(life support)
(the bridge)(the decks)(the overhead)
(41)down crewman/passenger found on deck in/outside of
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(42)bridge window shields fail in shut or open position
(43)gear or panel becomes unbolted and falls to deck
(44)important tool goes missing
(45)weird smell coming from drives or power plant
(46)on being activated a seldom-used piece of equipment proves to be
(51)a control switch/lever snaps off
(52)on entering/leaving jump, strange alien object found embedded in
or lying on the deck in/at
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(53)meteor strike of
(sand grain)(pencil point)(pencil eraser)
-sized rock into
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(54)a sudden shortage of
(fuses)(batteries)(filters)(gaskets)(light bulbs)(duct tape)
(55)a visitor forgets and leaves behind a
(wallet)(gun)(hand computer)(watch)(notebook)(comm device)
(engineering)(the bridge)(the berthing spaces)
(the lounge)(the cargo bay)(the boat deck)
(56)the life support system suddenly exhibits contamination by
(pathogen)(oil)(dirt)(rust)(stench)(unidentified goo)
(61)failure of landing gear to deploy
(62)food stores prove unexpectedly unacceptable because
(alien/pet food by mistake)(breached)(all one kind of food)
(defective)(allergenic)(excessively beyond shelf-life date)
(63)old data found on computer consisting of
(upgrade of existing system)(virus)(new capability)
(entertainment/education program)(data file)(old ship's log)
(64)receipt of surface/airborne/space distress signal
(65)called to heave-to and be boarded for inspection
(66)directed to heave-to for inspection

flykiller October 12th, 2015 03:23 PM

Planet Events

Roll (d6)(d6) to obtain a location on the matrix. An occurance of one
of these should be rare.

11) earthquake
12) volcano
13) severe foul weather
14) large fire in city/wilderness
15) meteor swarm
16) solar flare storm

21) military/political/corporate coup
22) election mania
23) war fever/fear
24) covert/overt corporate warfare
25) covert/overt fan warfare
26) race/economic/summer riots

31) major shift in government policy or cultural practice
32) sudden increase/decrease in xenophobia/xenophilia
33) sudden increase/decrease in anarchy/lawfulness
34) respected popular prophecy of imminent doom/destiny
35) violent/nonviolent governmental/cultural/religious purge/pogrom/cleansing
36) sudden increase/decrease in law level

41) sudden economic depression/expansion
42) runaway inflation/deflation
43) crop/resource/manpower failure/expansion
44) industrial super accident
45) trade route failure/expansion
46) major scientific discovery/fraud

51) insurgency/occupation/pacification
52) major strike by union/military/corporation/civilians
53) crisis caused by spreading use of new drug/technology
54) computer/robot virus attack throughout high-tech areas
55) vector-driven/general epidemic
56) sudden surge in crime/vigilantism

61) major animal migration
62) major sports event
63) major religious event
64) major criminal event
65) major social/cultural event
66) major political/propaganda/loyalty event

flykiller October 12th, 2015 03:23 PM

NPC Events

NPC's have lives too. Roll (d6)(d6) as necessary to obtain a location
on the matrix. Works for player characters too.

11) wins/loses fortune in gambling/lottery/raffle
12) loved/disliked family member sickens/dies/is arrested/suffers crisis
13) mid-life crisis
14) embarassing/hostile/dangerous/rich/poor ex-spouse/relative reappears
15) pregnancy/fatherhood
16) long/short acute/terminal illness/life-phase

21) inherits desired/undesired fortune/obligation/status/property/rank
22) sudden acute/chronic minor/major bad physical/mental health
23) buys/finds/rescues minor/moderate/major pet
24) suddenly runs away with new significant other
25) gives two-week notice and leaves because of retribution/quest/crisis/other
26) turns out to be a military/religious/totalitarian deserter

31) is detained/arrested
32) tries something illegal involving other party members
33) becomes religious/anti-religious
34) is drafted/chosen/selected
35) decides to prosecute distant home war in his present location
36) was/is/becomes a spy

41) targeted by vigilante/avenger/repossessor
42) randomly targeted by agency/criminal/scientist
43) turns out to be somewhat/very famous/infamous
44) causes minor/major/extreme accident
45) dies suddenly of heartattack/age/xenodisease
46) regular source for reporter/news/talk-show

51) starts/ends minor/major religious practice/taboo
52) starts/ends major/minor drug use
53) covertly/overtly takes up psionics
54) member/escapee from scientific/governmental survey/study/experiment
55) member/escapee from religous/social/technical/political cult
56) has/receives single/multiple minor/major/extreme prosthesis

61) gets married/divorced/repudiated/shangheied
62) has kids while married/unmarried
63) challenges/challenged to duel for adultery/honor/religion/test
64) suffers bankruptcy/repossession/lien over legitimate/illegitimate debt
65) target/initiator of romantic crush with regular/famous/powerful/interesting person
66) extreme fan of athlete/team/party/organization/star/priest

flykiller October 12th, 2015 03:24 PM

Damage Control Events

Useful for describing shipboard damage. Roll (d6)(d6) to obtain
a location on the matrix.

11. tool locker destroyed
12. spare parts locker destroyed
13. repair bench destroyed
14. coffee machine destroyed
15. gravitics fail
16. gravitics skew
21. gravitics become unstable
loss of control displays for
22. maneuver
23. jump
24. power plant
25. life support
26. fuel purifier
(loss of power)(excessive power) to (cables)(control panels) for
31. maneuver drive
32. jump drive
33. power plant
34. fuel purifier
35. life support
36. internal comms and sensors
41. external comms and sensors
42. weapons
43. bridge
life support
44. loss of air recirc
45. failure
46. improper operation
51. overpressurization
(imbalance)(overpressurization)(slow imminent failure) of
52. maneuver drives
53. jump drives
54. power plant
hydrogen leak resulting in
55. explosion hazard
56. flooding of the space
61. frozen equipment
62. (moderate)(high)(devastating) radiation field
63. (moderate)(high)(devastating) sonics
64. (one)(several)(many) electrical arcs between equipment
65. (jump field)(manuever field) intrusion into ship
66. fire (electrical)(grease)(hydrogen)(metallic)(high temp hot spot on the hull)(overheating machinery)

flykiller October 12th, 2015 03:25 PM

Dockside Events

What, you think you're safe just because you've landed? Roll
(d6)(d6), then (d6) again as necessary, to obtain a location
on the matrix. [Not quite finished.]

11) a cargo robot loses control and begins
(executing inappropriate commands) (throwing cargo around)
(loading people into the cargo bay)
(loading incorrect cargo into incorrect ships)
(talks back to robot operators) (breaks down entirely)
12) loss of power to
(docks) (lounge) (exterior) (robots) (umbilicals)
(entire port)
13) local police/vigilantes chase and confront
(crewman) (local) (ship's officer) (gangmember) (alien)
14) (local) (policeman) (other ship crewman) (ship's officer)
(bum) (dockhand)
offers to sell
(drugs) (black market spare parts) (local foods)
(inside trading information) (a PIN) (contraband)
15) crewmember finds
(expensive tool) (wallet) (weapon) (cargo manifest)
(personal hand-held computer) (piece of jewelry)
16) (runaway)(criminal)(marooned passenger)(honeymooning couple)
approaches unexpectedly looking for off-world transport
21) (chemical spill) (fire) (equipment failure)
(police action) (cargo spill) (altercation) on docks
22) cargo container or cargo hold breaks open discharging
(large animal) (small animal) (many animals)
(terrorist cell)(illegal goods)(kidnap victim)
23) dock operations interrupted by (natural disaster)
(quarantine) (annual animal migration)
(religious services or holiday) (strike or labor dispute)
(arrival of superstar with subsequent crowd/police issues)
24) ship detained by (random customs check) (random safety check)
(informant's tip) (bribe solicitation) (quarantine)
(last minute cargo/passenger "request")
25) (local union) (gang) (vigilante mob) (crime syndicate)
(boy/girl scout troop) (bum)
requests donations
26) nearby/adjacent ship detained by (random customs check)
(random safety check) (informant's tip) (bribe solicitation)
(quarantine) (last minute cargo/passenger "request")
31) nearby arrival of military vessel which then dicharges a
large number of sailors and marines on liberty
32) (minor)(major)(severe) accident involving (cargo)(robots)
(ship/ship or ship/structure collision)(fuel)(vehicles)
(personal/shipboard weapons discharge) with (no)(few)(many)

Meteoric Assault October 12th, 2015 04:23 PM

My answer Drink Beer and make stuff up

whartung October 12th, 2015 06:50 PM

Nice lists, thanks Flykiller

Condottiere October 13th, 2015 03:09 AM

Have your towel handy.

Magnus von Thornwood October 15th, 2015 09:00 AM

It's Awesome!

Originally Posted by flykiller (Post 518987)
towels say a lot about a man. a man with a towel is ready for anything.

Mine is big and black and towel you perv. :p

Got it at Jack's in my Year in NYC, Captial of Terra. Still got it 15 years later and is still nummy and soft.

My starship is deep dark blue, with flashes and stuff. Well, one of them. We Counts have get around a lot lest we sit in one pace to long gathering power for a play at the Throne. Not that I would do that. What do I look like that idiot Dulinor the Traitor?

EDIT: And while I can read them, man those are some bits ever in need of tables. If I was any good at them these days (hey HTML hand coding was ages ago, give me some slack) I would see if my mighty Mod powers would let put them in for you.

No matter they are stellar little D66 tables and you go with your bad self. I dig 'em.

salochin999 October 21st, 2015 12:44 AM

nice - i'm a big fan of random tables

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