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Werner October 20th, 2020 12:52 PM

GURPS Traveller Ship Construction
I noticed the format of ships makes the hard to modify, they don't do spreadsheets when they list ship stats like T20 does, instead of having a table, they just list everything the ship has and you have to go through the ship construction rules to find the masses and cost of everything, it is a poor design if you have to flip back and forth in the rulebook if you want to pull something out of a scout ship and add something in, and recalculate the totals. I was trying to see what happens if you replace the maneuver and jump drives with a reaction drive from GURPS Space and see what acceleration and maximum delta v that it has, a lot of work is involved and often you have to extract the information out of paragraphs rather than tables, with T20 it's easy, it's right there in the design table, everything is in nice neat columns I could input into my spreadsheet and get the totals.

tjoneslo October 20th, 2020 09:59 PM

The trick was by the time GT:Starships came out the author (Tom Bont) and I had built GURPS Vehicle Builder, which allowed you to modify the ship on the fly with the different components and output the paragraph format very easily. We were assisting the other authors so no one needed to build their own spreadsheets.

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