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warwizard May 12th, 2013 01:06 PM

[T5 ATU] The Permatic Imperium:Lab ship Design
It was getting too difficult to seperate out the ship posts from all the rest.

I have overlooked a rule on page 500, In the ship builder the volume of the components varies by TL stage effects: The ADV stage applies a divisor of 3 and the ULT stage applies a divisor of 4.
Another error is that the roll for Quality is 2D -2 not FLUX and the TL stage effect does not apply to Quality. The next posts shall restate the hull and engineering in light of these errors

warwizard May 12th, 2013 01:50 PM

Hull: Streamlined +Airframe 200 Tons cost 14+2 (actual final tonnage 249 for 19.43MCr) Friction /4
Two hard points two firmpoints.
Structure is Organic TL=14 Adv (Halve the hull cost for organic Change hull cost to 9.715MCr)
AV per layer base is 7 +3 MOD = 10 (each layer beyond the first is 5 tons)

Tonnage: 249 tons

Hull Fittings:
Submergence hull 5 tons 5 MCr
Landing legs with pads 2 tons 2 MCr *legs are powered the ship can walk

There are supposed to be wheels, wings, and fins standard in an airframe hull form at no additional volume, this has wheels AND legs with pads. The legs are able to move the ship at no more than a few meters per second the wheels are mechanical (Controlled by ship's AI directly) and the legs with pads are organic and controlled by the Ship.
Jump readiness is jump bubble Field strength 120
safe jump distance: 120/1.30 -(Jump drive engineer Skill + Knowledge) = 92 Diameters or less depending on skills + knowledge
Initiation interference: X = 92 - (D + knowledge) + flux (why having a better engineer hurts this I do not know.< suspected errata>)

Armor: the first layer AV 10 is anti-Rad AV=100 vs RAD + double resistance vs pressure per submergence hull. no volume cost for 1st layer
The second layer AV=10 is anti-EMP AV=100 VS EMP + double resistance vs pressure per submergance hull Volume 5 Tons.

The ship has an ablative mucus coating that protects vs Heat AV = 1000 vs heat.

The ship regenerates damage to it's hull coating , armor and structure.

12 Tons used by hull and fittings 16.715 MCr ADV Volume MOD from P. 500 ADV = volume /3 conflicts with table on page 336 for armor, where the rule is divide by 2 for ADV effects Armor is /2 all other hull items is /3 I've already applied the change to the armor (5 tons instead of 10 tons) there remains the submergence hull and legs 7/3 round up to 3. Volume used 5+3=8

Lovingly nurtured by the DDB, this ship has grown to be a large example of it's species, quite healthy and with a lifetime of many centuries.

Q = 7+( 1+6-2) = 12 Masterpiece centuries between reliability downgrades instead of 7+3 +Flux (1-6)=5 Average
R = +2
E = +6 Just ask it and it shall be done, (unless it's hungry, see below)
B= +3 The ship will be unreasonable in satifying it's needs first
S = +4

warwizard May 12th, 2013 02:11 PM

Jump drive QREBS rolled -1, -5, 0 ,+5, -4. add in the MOD for being ultimate = +3, -1, +4, +1, 0 (this is what I am recommending for a house rule concerning burden on volume based equipment)
Correction to quality roll is 2D-2 not flux and the tech stage does not add to quality the 2D6-2 = 5+6-2=9 better than most with a 4 year period on reliability downgrades instead of a +3 with a Three year period
Burden =+1 5% larger than standard
Maneuver Drive Qrebs rolled 0,0,0,0,0. add in the +4 MOD for ultimate = +4, +4, +4, -4, +4 Burden =-4 = 20% smaller than standardSame correction here as well 2d-2 = 5+5-2 = 8 Very Good with a Three year period between reliability downgrades
PowerPlant Qrebs rolled -1, -3, 0, +3, +4 add in the MOD for ultimate = +3, +1, +4, -1, +8 Burden =-1 5% smaller than standardAhh and the power plant is also changed, here the dice was not so kind 2d-2 = 1+2-2 = 1 The Power Plant is BAD quality with a usage period of minutes between reliability downgrades. We now know why this otherwize excellent ship is being made available

warwizard May 12th, 2013 02:52 PM

Engineering: Jump 5 Maneuver 5
The ship will be constructed with Powerplant 4 ULT and J-4 ULT and M-4 ULT (delivers J=5, P 5, M-5 performance at 7 fuel units*JN in a 200 Dt hull)

Jump Drive D ULT (Potiental 4 *1.3=5.2) Fuel J-1 = 14, J2=28, J3=42 J4=56 and J5 = 70. 25 Dt for the Jump Drive Cost X2 = 50 MCr

PowerPlant D ULT (Potiental 4*1.3=5.2) Fuel use for operations per month = 5X2/100*.7=.07 tons Plant is 13 tons Cost X 2 =26 MCr

M-Drive D ULT (Potiental 4 *1.3=5.2) 7 Dt Cost X2 28MCr

Fuel and engineering 70 Dt jump fuel 1 Dt PP fuel (14 months) 45 Dt engineering spaces. 104 MCr * 1.9 cost for the corporation =197.6 Mcr

QREBS note PP 338 does not give the ULT stage MOD for drives only cost efficency and fuel use modifiers DM ruling if the QREBS ULT stage mod of +4 should apply to this section.

P 500 Does give the mod to volume for ULT stage effects it/s divide by 4 Jump Drive (25/4 *1.1 min 10) = 10 m-drive (7/4 *.8 min 2) = 2 PPlant = 13/4 *.9 min 4 = 4 hence all three drives fall under the minimum size rule so adverse burden was unable to bring them above the minimum size as the starship drives table states cost is rated on a per ton basis the costs are greatly reduced as well Jump drive 10 tons at 1 MCr*ton. Maneuver drive at 2 Tons 2 MCr*ton and Power Plant 4 Tons at 1MCr*Tons.
J Drive 10MCr
M Drive 4MCr
P Plant 4MCr
Total 18 Mcr X2 for Stage effects = 36 MCr

Magnus von Thornwood May 12th, 2013 08:40 PM

[Referee] You get the Buddy Jesus!
Hell yeah, you got Firm Points on that bad puppy. Now I got to see what other cool things it has, since I stopped and posted at those two Firm Points. Love that, I lobbied for them back in the day.

Anyway, back to work for me.

The Ref.

Magnus von Thornwood May 13th, 2013 11:23 PM

[Referee] Errata.
By the way, be sure to post any errata you find in the T5 Errata Thread.

Thanks, I am enjoying the read and the break from having to worry about generating a ship.

As to the powerplant, well I guess we know what the crew does during Jump, some kicks the PP every two to twelve minutes to make sure it keeps working. :frankie:

pendragonman May 13th, 2013 11:40 PM

Hey baby...
Maybe not kick, maybe read it stories. Whisper sweet nothings. Scratch it behind the coolant intake...:p

Magnus von Thornwood May 14th, 2013 12:15 AM

[Referee] The final cost.
Hey warwizard,

Just a quick note to remind you that when you are done with this ship to adjust its cost accounting for its age.

warwizard May 14th, 2013 10:29 AM

Cost adjustment
We may need to revisit it's age in light of the masterpiece level quality of the ship (the creature that is the ship). I have no clue how to adjust cost for age in your ATU if this ship predates the society. An example would be the USS Constitution, cost $5000 or so to build, today that's likley just the daily maintance budget.

Age of ship 20 to 40 years to reach 200 Dt's then 490 to 980 years to reach an additional 49 tons at reduced growth rates of 1%: 510 to 1020 years.
Age of "implants" at least 40 years less than age of ship, and could be much newer if the ship had been refitted more recently. In 10 to 20 years the ship should reach 250 tons and have to rerate the drives as the hull has advanced to size C(-).

Sigmund May 14th, 2013 12:48 PM

Is 200-250 tons going to be big enough for the lab space plus staterooms etc?

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