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Saber6 December 30th, 2019 03:36 PM

Not so much Errata: Filled form examples
I know, late to the party.

Where can I find examples of Character and Ship forms filled out? I'm trying to get stuff set up to run a game. I think I understand the Ship forms, but an example would make it clearer (100T Scout, Far Trader, SDB, etc.)

I have all of my materials (going back to LBB) so can fall back as needed.

ovka January 10th, 2020 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Humanist (Post 608296)
Location: Book 3, page 25, Table A: Atmosphere

Type of error: Textual / Consistency error

From MegaTraveller through T4, Atmosphere E was defined as "Ellipsoid", while Atmosphere F was "Thin, Low".

Then in MongT (and its descendants, Trav SRD and Cepheus), transposed these definitions: E was now "Thin, Low", while F became "Unusual" (which includes Ellipsoid as well as some other types).

In T5.10, the table for generating a world's atmosphere (Book 3, page 25, Table A: Atmosphere) says:
"E Thin Low"
"F Unusual"

This suggests that T5.10 would now be consistent in this respect with MongT/Cepheus, and not consistent with previous Traveller versions.

However, in all other instances, T5.10 defines E as "Ellipsoid" and F as "Thin, Low."
These include:

Book 1, page 220,
Book 3, pages 90 (two tables), 143, 144, 251.

It appears that the Atmospheres table on page 25 of Book 3 is the only table to use the MongT/Cepheus atmosphere definitions. The rest of T5.01 does not.

Also Book 3, page 79 under Chasm and Precipice are Related:
"Chasm produces the only hospitable or habitable locations on Atmosphere=F Thin Low worlds."

And for the record, CT (Book 6) also described E as ellipsoid and F as Thin, Low.


Baron Ovka

ovka January 10th, 2020 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Humanist (Post 608416)
Textual error, Book 3 (mainly):

Atmosphere Types are not described anywhere in the text.

Lots of charts showing which atmosphere is represented by which UWP code, but no definitions of "Tainted", "Exotic", "Corrosive", "Insidious", "Dense - High", "Thin - Low", "Ellipsoid", etc. And no explanation of which ones are breathable and which are not.

Basic information for first-time Traveller players, but somehow left out completely.

While I don't disagree that there should be descriptions in text describing atmospheres, the equipment section (e.g. under Breathers and Respirators) has some of that information.


Baron Ovka

agorski January 18th, 2020 02:11 PM

There's been some significant changes to VehicleMaker in T5.10 but a number of the suggested changes from the T5.09 Errata Thread were not implemented and some of the new changes have introduced more errata.

For example, the names of some Descriptors have changed in Table 10 on page 150 but the text descriptions back on page 135 have not been updated.

IMO, the biggest problem with VehicleMaker lies in Table 12 on page 152. Enhancers modify things like Tons and Load by adding or subtracting a fixed number. But this ignores the Tons of the design. So an enhancer has a tiny effect on a huge vehicle and a huge effect on a tiny vehicle. So I think these should all be fractional multipliers. So if an enhancer is +1, it should be something like x1.1, and -1 should be something like x0.9.

Another problem relates to Enhancers affecting Armor values. Sometimes the modifier is an add or subtract and sometimes it's a multiplier. Since you're supposed to sum the columns on the form, in what order do you do these? If matters greatly if you do multiplications as you get to them, or if you do all the sums first and then apply the multipliers.

Garnfellow January 21st, 2020 05:30 AM

Location: Book 1, p 225, column 1

Type of error: Mechanic error

Description of issue: The synthetics in the example combat have characteristics 999999. Synthetics have Edu and Soc scores of 0. The synthetics should be listed as 999900.

Submitted by Garnfellow.

Humanist January 27th, 2020 02:59 AM

WorldGen errata
Location: Book 3 page 21, col 2; and page 24, Table 2C.

Type of error: Inconsistency

Description of issue: Book 3 page 21, col 2: The end of the paragraph "Satellites" says "Determine Orbit with Flux on Table 2D Page 24. // Ring. The table may create one or more Rings."

But Table 2D on page 24 says nothing about Rings.

Rings are only generated on page 29, Table S, "Number Of Satellites", where any roll with a result of exactly 0 = Ring.

Submitted by Humanist.

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