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Leitz May 26th, 2018 03:45 PM

Using Travis
For those who like to test in addition to your tests, check out When you link your GitHub repo to Travis, and have a good ".travis.yml" file (note the preceding dot), any git push triggers a travis run. You can specify a few things like what version(s) of your language to run, etc. Seeing that green "passed" is a nice way to end your coding session.

Here's the .travis.yml file for my rb_tools repo:

language: ruby

  - 2

install: gem install sqlite3

This one is for the py_tools repo:

language: python

 - "2.6"
 - "2.7"
 - "3.6"
 - "nightly"


Leitz September 8th, 2018 07:50 AM

I've been learning how to use MongoDB and Ruby together, but the Travis runs failed because I was testing against an already populated data set. Figured out how to drop the data set between tests and set Travis up to pass. Yay!


# .travis.yml

language: ruby

  - 2

  - gem install sqlite3 mongo

  - mongodb

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